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More, not less, equality needed for economic growth

Trevor CookNov 10, 20095 Comments

Now the attention of Australian policy-makers is turning to maximising prosperity, understood as GDP growth, over the next few years. The Australian's

Business needs to keep perspective on social media

Trevor CookNov 5, 2009

I had a great time talking to a business group in Sydney today, my theme was that social media is suited in some corporate circumstances and not others. I made the point that there was

Economic theory vs. economic history

Trevor CookOct 10, 2009

A passionate argument for re-integration (and a

Markets are not efficient, says business school academic

Trevor CookJun 12, 20094 Comments

No kidding, but is this another sign of a post-GFC academic trend. This article from

Media response: Wahhhh! I want a recession

Trevor CookJun 4, 20092 Comments

After all, everyone else has got one mummy. The media is at its rancid worst this morning bemoaning the technical absence of a recession when everyone reeaalllly knows the whole plac

A triumph for Australian economic policy makers

Trevor CookJun 3, 2009

Today's news that the Australian economy actually grew during the March quarter is remarkable. Sure we're not out of the woods yet but the contrast between Australia's performance and t

Using Twitter for business

Trevor CookMay 27, 2009

My buddy, and social media educator extraordinaire, Lee Hopkins has produced a

What's Tanner been doing?

Trevor CookMay 22, 20091 Comment

Traditionally, the Finance Minister is the tough guy. The Finance Minister is the one that imposes fiscal discipline on his more or less unwilling colleagues all of whom are usually kee

Give me your frugal, your thrifty, your wealthy multitudes yearning to save pennies

Trevor CookMay 21, 2009

As we all know, the media are herd animals and as befits these 'hard' times the Columbia Journalism Review has been tracking what it calls the

Ken Henry's communication problem

Trevor CookMay 20, 2009

Treasury boss says he's got one. If he does he might want to reflect that arrogance and an extreme sensitivity to criticism