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Journalism - a defence

Trevor CookNov 6, 200913 Comments

It's easy to take the piss out of journalists, and to blame the media for everything. Journalists often over-estimate how much they know, and exaggerate their own importance. But

Corporate blogging: Telstra trys again

Trevor CookNov 4, 20091 Comment

The good thing about Telstra and social media is that at least they are trying. This is important in a country where very few large organisations do. So full marks for effort.

Defining Media, Cross-Mating Elephants and Zebras

Trevor CookNov 4, 20093 Comments

While many 'thought leaders' in Australia are playing catch-up on the media vs social media debate, in

Mark Scott's religious affiliation

Trevor CookNov 2, 20098 Comments

The November issue of the SMH's Sydney magazine features a profile of the ABC's managing director Mark Scott which contains this curious line on page 36: "Their scant private time is de

Clueless in Ultimo: the fall of Rome fallacy

Trevor CookOct 15, 20093 Comments

Promise was that I Should Israel from Philistian yoke deliver; Ask for this great deliverer now, and find him Eyeless in Gaza at the Mill with slaves ...

Was "Balibo" sanitised?

Trevor CookSep 22, 20093 Comments

A few weeks ago, John Pilger made some interesting claims that the script of Balibo had been toned down to expunge Australian

Is Gerard Henderson a leftie?

Trevor CookSep 9, 20091 Comment

A new study seems to suggest so. The authors, Joshua Gans and Andrew Leigh, got some solid media coverage with their finding that the

A Courier-mail stew: Shakespeare, the Bible and Kyle Sandilands

Trevor CookAug 8, 20091 Comment

The Courier-mail's Dianne Butler begins her piece today on Sandilands' early exit from Australian ido

Lights out - new media and the end of television

Trevor CookJul 21, 2009


Matt Moran casts doubt on Masterchef contestant

Trevor CookJul 21, 20092 Comments

Matt Moran was prominent on Masterchef, where his restaurant got massive publicity (not that many of the punters watching the show could actually afford to eat at the corporate expense