November, 2009

The Internet and the damage done (to story-telling)

, Nov 06, 2009

We’re seeing more articles like this one in the Times: Click, tweet, e-mail, twitter, skim, browse, scan, blog, text: the jargon of the digital age describes how we now read, reflecting the way that the very act of reading, and the nature of literacy itself, is changing. The information we consume online comes ever faster, […]

Journalism – a defence

, Nov 06, 2009

It’s easy to take the piss out of journalists, and to blame the media for everything. Journalists often over-estimate how much they know, and exaggerate their own importance. But they’re not alone in having those shortcomings. Where you sit is where you stand. And people in different sectors of our complex democracy are quick to […]

Business needs to keep perspective on social media

, Nov 05, 2009

I had a great time talking to a business group in Sydney today, my theme was that social media is suited in some corporate circumstances and not others. I made the point that there was nothing blue sky or revolutionary about social media and, indeed, it has some real drawbacks for corporates. I made four […]

Corporate blogging: Telstra trys again

, Nov 04, 2009

The good thing about Telstra and social media is that at least they are trying. This is important in a country where very few large organisations do. So full marks for effort. No doubt, Telstra’s re-entry into the fledgling field of corporate social media will be generally applauded within the small band of people who […]

Defining Media, Cross-Mating Elephants and Zebras

, Nov 04, 2009

While many ‘thought leaders’ in Australia are playing catch-up on the media vs social media debate, in the US some of the better thinkers, at least, are pushing ahead: Five years ago there was media and social media and the two were distinct. You know what was what. It was like there elephants and zebras. […]

Lights out – new media and the end of television

, Jul 21, 2009


Rudd’s blog: popular but pointless

, Jul 18, 2009

So Kevin Rudd has a blog. So what? He puts up a post about climate change and it draws hundreds and hundreds of comments. And then…Well, nothing really. Australia doesn’t actually need more online opportunities to sound off. With ABC Unleashed, News Ltd’s Punch, Crikey, of course, New Matilda, Online Opinion (no journalism please) etc, and […]

GLobal PR Blog Week – 5 years on

, Jul 18, 2009

Oh no. Another how time flies anecdote. Not only do I remember clearly the day Armstrong (Neil not Lance) walked on the moon (we got the afternoon off school – yippee), but I have also been reminded that five years since I conceived and co-organised this modestly titled event, Global PR Blog Week 1.0. At […]

Grech affair a setback for government 2.0

, Jun 25, 2009

While a hopeful digerati (still waiting for the revolution) look hopefully towards the Australian Government’s government 2.0 project, a much more powerful message has been sent by the government’s heavy-handed approach to the Grech affair. That message is that we, the politicians, control who gets told what and how. The heavy-handed use of the federal […]

Using Twitter for business

, May 27, 2009

My buddy, and social media educator extraordinaire, Lee Hopkins has produced a Twitter report and is giving it away for the next 7 days. Says (spuiks?) Lee: But as a loyal and valuable reader of this blog, I’m giving you just 7 days to naba free copy of the Twitter Mastery for Business report as a way of saying “thank […]

How to pitch bloggers – PR gives social marketing advice

, May 18, 2009


Social Media “volunteering”

, May 11, 2009

I recently participated in a SEEK volunteering exercise, my chosen task was to help the WSPA with some advice on social media.  I wasn’t alone. Here’s a list pf other bloggers who also gave up some time  for good causes: Life in Mono , Firebug Theme , Miss McMuffin , Autumn Leaves , , […]

Staying on top of the social media boom

, May 10, 2009

It’s time intensive! [youtube][/youtube]

PRTV – viewers warned off social media

, May 01, 2009

[youtube][/youtube] The PR Institute of Australia ventures on to Youtube. Inspirational it is not.  Commenting on its own show, the PRIA highlights the negative. “However, not all of those featured are digital cheerleaders. Among the ten or so interviewed are Anthony Tregoning, MD of FCR, who is asked in the video (at 6m 40s in) whether […]

“Racist” iPhone app

, May 01, 2009

From NZ Herald An iPhone application where the aim is to kill off islanders has been criticised as racist by members of the Pacific Island community. Pocket God opens with a “meet the islanders” screen, before brown-skinned men wearing hula skirts are shown on an island with a volcano in the background. To score points, […]

Tim versus Nick OR the baby words dispute

, Apr 30, 2009

Tim O’Reilly, web 2.0 uber-guru, wants to re-invent the book. He uses powerpoint to do it. Yuck. His book is about Twitter. A powerpoint book on Twitter? Can anything be sillier? Nick Carr writes for an erudite magazine full of long articles and he takes the piss out of Tim very effectively. Make sure you […]

Cluetrain stalled at the platform

, Apr 29, 2009

So it’s been ten years. For a few years, I was like a latter day Karl Marx scouring the newspapers looking for evidence that the revolution was underway. Now, I don’t bother anymore. There’s lots of marginal stuff, many organisations that are dipping their toes in the water. But for the most part, like say […]

Twitter’s appalling retention rate

, Apr 29, 2009

From Rough Type But a whirl does not a relationship make. According to a study out today from Nielsen, most people who sign up for a Twitter account bail within a few weeks: Currently, more than 60 percent of Twitter users fail to return the following month, or in other words, Twitter’s audience retention rate, […]

Justifying an academic ban on wikipedia

, Apr 23, 2009

[googlevideo][/googlevideo] She’s right. Encyclopedias are not appropriate for university studies.

Microsoft grants $6.7 million to Vision Australia

, Apr 22, 2009

Well done, Microsoft, a grant that will make a big difference to many people. MICROSOFTS biggest-ever Australian grant will help create social networks for the blind. Social networking websites and digitised libraries have become important sources of modern information, but until now they have been inaccessible to the 300,000 Australians who are blind or who […]