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Social Media


The Internet and the damage done (to story-telling)

Trevor CookNov 6, 20092 Comments

We're seeing more articles like this one in the Times: Click, tweet, e-ma

Journalism - a defence

Trevor CookNov 6, 200913 Comments

It's easy to take the piss out of journalists, and to blame the media for everything. Journalists often over-estimate how much they know, and exaggerate their own importance. But

Business needs to keep perspective on social media

Trevor CookNov 5, 2009

I had a great time talking to a business group in Sydney today, my theme was that social media is suited in some corporate circumstances and not others. I made the point that there was

Corporate blogging: Telstra trys again

Trevor CookNov 4, 20091 Comment

The good thing about Telstra and social media is that at least they are trying. This is important in a country where very few large organisations do. So full marks for effort.

Defining Media, Cross-Mating Elephants and Zebras

Trevor CookNov 4, 20093 Comments

While many 'thought leaders' in Australia are playing catch-up on the media vs social media debate, in

Lights out - new media and the end of television

Trevor CookJul 21, 2009


Rudd's blog: popular but pointless

Trevor CookJul 18, 20091 Comment

So Kevin Rudd has a blog. So what? He puts up a post about climate change and it draws hundreds and hundreds of comments. And then...W

GLobal PR Blog Week - 5 years on

Trevor CookJul 18, 20091 Comment

Oh no. Another how time flies anecdote. Not only do I remember clearly the day Armstrong (Neil not Lance) walked on the moon (we got the afternoon off school - yippee), but I have also

Grech affair a setback for government 2.0

Trevor CookJun 25, 20094 Comments

While a hopeful digerati (still waiting for the revolution) look hopefully towards

Using Twitter for business

Trevor CookMay 27, 2009

My buddy, and social media educator extraordinaire, Lee Hopkins has produced a