January, 2010

Goodbye and thanks.

, Jan 27, 2010

I have a busy year ahead of me. I am in the throes of doing the interviews for my PhD (the fun bit) and then comes the hard bit – the analysis and writing. I’m very much looking forward to it. Over the past few years of blogging here and at my personal blogsite, I […]

More, not less, equality needed for economic growth

, Nov 10, 2009

Now the attention of Australian policy-makers is turning to maximising prosperity, understood as GDP growth, over the next few years. The Australian’s Michael Stutchbury says this will require ‘tough-love’ policies. Usually, this is code for giving carrots to the rich and sticks to the poor. Tough for the bottom of society, great for the top, […]

Asylum seekers: too tough or too humane

, Nov 03, 2009

Rudd’s ‘tough but humane’ bob each way rhetoric on asylum seekers was always a crock but hey worth a try and great if you can get away with it. Today’s newspoll shows that he hasn’t got away with it. Of course, Rudd could hope that this newspoll is an outlier and the damage is not […]

Copenhagen loses appeal for Obama

, Oct 26, 2009

The much-heralded Copenhagen conference looks like it is about to be dealt a fatal blow, with the Obama administration in ‘lowering expectations’ mode.

Women’s unhappiness and drugs

, Oct 19, 2009

Barbara Ehrenreich: It’s an old story: If you want to sell something, first find the terrible affliction that it cures. In the 1980s, as silicone implants were taking off, the doctors discovered “micromastia” — the “disease” of small-breastedness. More recently, as big pharma searches furiously for a female Viagra, an amazingly high 43% of women […]

Mark Scott should talk to Oliver Stone

, Oct 16, 2009

Before ABC managing director takes his organisation down the path of the so-called pro-am model (no-one knows what this means but the words sound ‘inclusive’), he should have a chat to film-maker Oliver Stone who told Terra’s Orbita US 2009 conference in New York on Tuesday night: “I’ve heard the democratic argument [for the internet] […]

In Sydney, adultery is bad but property is really serious

, Sep 04, 2009

This week a couple of big media stories gave us another epiphany on the Sydney psyche. Della Bosca’s escapades with a comedy script writer got a kind of faux serious treatment, ‘shock, adultery right here in Sydney, what next?’. And then last night, the really serious Sydney stuff, a property dispute that resulted (apparently) in […]

Laziness is not the way to the Lodge

, Jul 30, 2009

Malcolm Turnbull has failed on two fronts this week, political donations and the ETS legislation. The idea that the Opposition will oppose the Government’s reforms on political donations because they don’t go far enough is pure poppycock. More serious is the admission that the Opposition will oppose the Government’s ETS legislation but will not put […]

“Cop you later”

, May 16, 2009

Signing off from last night’s rugby league match, the ABC radio announcer said a cheery ‘cop you later’. After the last week of ‘controversy’ he might what to rethink this salutation.

Miss California to use naked breasts against gay marriage

, May 13, 2009

“From this day forward I promise I will use my naked breasts for good.” via Miss California Vows to Use Her Naked Breasts for Good – Borowitz Report .

In case of emergency, don’t say f#ck

, May 06, 2009


Do you have swine flu?

, May 01, 2009

Check now.
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Meanwhile back in the Mooney Mooney ALP branch

, Apr 14, 2009

A local newspaper reports: Last week’s item on Belinda Neal’s apparent political rehabilitation has been met with scepticism by someone familiar with goings-on in one of her local branches. This column reported that far from being on the outer after last year’s Iguana’s scandal, Neal has been chosen for a prestigious two-week parliamentary trip to […]

Twitter founder on Colbert show

, Apr 06, 2009

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Comment streams can be the ugly side of the Internet

, Mar 05, 2009

The problem seems to be endemic: ‘Peeeeyoooook!” Or “barf” if you prefer. Or “almost tossed my breakfast.” Schoolyard taunts that my children gave up around Grade 6, when they learned how much more devastating real grown-up wit could be, have found a new life on the Internet through reader posts on various media websites. Puerile […]

Doonsebury discovers Twitter

, Mar 03, 2009

They get it!

A great many things keep happening

, Feb 10, 2009

 In the 6th century, St. Gregory of Tours begins his History of the Franks,  A great many things keep happening, some of them good, some of them bad. The inhabitants of the different countries keep quarrelling fiercely with each other and kings go on loosing their temper in the most furious way. Our churches are attacked […]