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Mark Scott should talk to Oliver Stone

Before ABC managing director takes his organisation down the path of the so-called pro-am model (no-one knows what this means but the words sound ‘inclusive’), he should have a chat to film-maker Oliver Stone who told Terra’s Orbita US 2009 conference in New York on Tuesday night: “I’ve heard the democratic argument [for the internet] […]

Clueless in Ultimo: the fall of Rome fallacy

Promise was that I Should Israel from Philistian yoke deliver; Ask for this great deliverer now, and find him Eyeless in Gaza at the Mill with slaves … – John Milton, Samson Agonistes In a speech this week, ABC Managing Director, Mark Scott, strangely compared the media revolution (currently ongoing) to the fall of the […]

Economic theory vs. economic history

A passionate argument for re-integration (and a longer version here): This is not to say that the macroeconomic model-building of the past generation has been pointless. But I do think that modern macroeconomists need to be rounded up, on pain of loss of tenure, and sent to a year-long boot camp with the assembled monetary […]

Obama caught adrift in the media, lobbyist circus

Awarding Obama the Nobel peace prize seems emblematic of the triumph of celebrity over substance. I’m an Obama fan, but the reality is that his achievements lie ahead of him not behind him, and you can’t help thinking that the Nobel judges were more than a little ‘previous’ in awarding the prize to a guy […]

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Even the GFC can’t reverse the Left’s decline

In a recent issue of the new york review of books (Sept 24), Tony Judt described social democracy as the “ideology that dare not speak its name”, such has been the decline of the political ideology that once dominated Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and ‘new deal’ America. (Obviously, Judt doesn’t read Kevin Rudd’s essays.) […]

Was “Balibo” sanitised?

A few weeks ago, John Pilger made some interesting claims that the script of Balibo had been toned down to expunge Australian Government (and media?) complicity. Pilger’s quotes from director Robert Connolly don’t exactly refute the claims but the Australian media doesn’t seem interested in it either, perhaps preferring the official version once again that […]

Social democracy deracinated

A new light on the hill | The Australian In Saturday’s Australian Tim Soutphommasane had a long piece on where Rudd and Labor stand in ideological terms. Part way through reading it I started to notice that there was a lot missing from his account of the ALP’s current relationship with its traditional ideology. What […]

NEWSFLASH: Bernard Salt discovers new acronym

Bernard Salt is no doubt a wonderful demographer, but he is also great at getting publicity. Salt knows the value of a bright new social trend, be it tree changing, sea changing or now Nettels. Yes, folks, Salt has interrogated the data (generously provided by taxpayers) and discovered (drumroll please) that many people are time […]

Is Gerard Henderson a leftie?

A new study seems to suggest so. The authors, Joshua Gans and Andrew Leigh, got some solid media coverage with their finding that the ABC is slanted rightwards. In fact, the study claims that ABC TV is more favourable to the coalition then talk radio stations 2UE and 2GB. Do you believe it? Others have […]

In Sydney, adultery is bad but property is really serious

This week a couple of big media stories gave us another epiphany on the Sydney psyche. Della Bosca’s escapades with a comedy script writer got a kind of faux serious treatment, ‘shock, adultery right here in Sydney, what next?’. And then last night, the really serious Sydney stuff, a property dispute that resulted (apparently) in […]