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Best of the Sunday talk shows

Following the historic election of Barack Obama to the presidency, the US Sunday talk shows did their best to have the definitive ‘look ahead’ for the new administration. CBS’s Face the Nation came up trumps with Obama’s new chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, in addition to Politico‘s John Harris and The New York Times‘ David […]

Election ’08: The day in video

The big day, as it unfolded: Obama fires up his supporters: [youtube][/youtube] The McCains cast their votes: [youtube][/youtube] The Obamas cast theirs: [youtube][/youtube] Sarah Palin and the First Dude cast their vote, you betcha. Did she vote for disgraced Senator Ted Stevens like the majority of Alaskans? [youtube][/youtube] The infamous CNN hologram: a highlight or […]

Morning in America

New York, 4 November 2008, 8:00 am: We moved to our friend Robert’s place last night. This morning my partner and traveling companion just said it was the first good night’s sleep he’s had in this town, despite the building shaking with the subway. It had been too noisy previously — and I finally get […]

Obama and Madelyn Dunham
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Joe the Journalist on Toot

New York, 3 Nov 08, 7:45pm Joe Klein on Time‘s Swampland has blogged a poignant response to the news of Obama’s grandmother’s death. “Word comes that Barack Obama’s grandmother has died. The timing is ridiculous. But think, for a moment, if you will of Madelyn Dunham, a white woman from Kansas, strolling the aisle of […]

Obama’s grandmother passes on

New York, 3 Nov 08, 7.30pm: Toot, Obama’s beloved grandmother, died earlier today. I was madly trying to catch a bus upstate a couple of hours ago — and most frustratingly missing it. And so, also missed the TV report and BHO’s brief statement. But a friend called to say he had got a good […]

Gov. Palin, I Know Pauline Hanson, and You’re No etc.

New York, 3 Nov 08, 3.15pm: The Beast Tina Brown’s Daily Beast ran an article by Elaine Lafferty which has piqued a lot of interest (see, for instance, Slate’s women-only blog The XX Factor). Its title is “Sarah Palin’s a Braniac”. Lafferty is a Democrat who for some reason has worked as a consultant with […]

Will Whitefellas Riot?

New York, 3 Nov 08, 3pm: The black website — a problematic label, but nevermind — The Root (no sniggering) wonders what will happen if/when Obama wins. Or if he loses. Will Black people riot? Why do you ask?

Joe the Journalist

New York, 2 Nov 08, 2:15am: Against Cynicism: Joe Klein, ancient reporter type of 40 years standing (and notoriously anonymous author of the scurrilous “novel” of the first Clinton campaign, Primary Colours) has blogged an admirably open-hearted, ideology-free piece on Time‘s Swampland. He ends like this (my added bold type): I’ve often said that cynicism […]

This Expletive Deleted Election

This Expletive Deleted Election

New York, 2 Nov 08, 2am: A very clever rendition of the whole campaign as an extreme graphic: This F*king Election.