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White Noise



Goodbye. Farewell. And Amen.

Goodbye. Farewell. And Amen.

Dan BarrettMar 14, 20123 Comments

Danger 5: Kill Men of The Rising Sun

Dan BarrettMar 13, 2012

Japan, the land of the rising sun, is where we find this weeks instalment of Danger 5 has taken us. Following the downing of US planes by a long-believed dead pilot, the Colonel sends t

Like Snatch?

Like Snatch?

Dan BarrettMar 12, 2012

Posted 20 minutes ago on the Facebook page for the Go channel:

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Televised Revolution - Episode 226

Televised Revolution - Episode 226

Dan BarrettMar 8, 2012

The Talking Dead

Dan BarrettMar 8, 2012

Every Sunday night on AMC in the US they air the apocalyptic zombie drama series The Walking Dead at 9pm, followed later that night at midnight by their talk show The Talking Dead. It

Danger 5 - Lizard Soldiers of The Third Reich

Dan BarrettMar 5, 20121 Comment

Of the six episodes of the series, this is probably my least favourite. And yet, it is still pretty charming and funny in Danger 5's deliciously offbeat way.

Televised Revolution Podcast - Episode 225

Dan BarrettFeb 29, 20121 Comment

It's pretty easy to dismiss the Telstra T-Box as a gimmick device at the same level as 

Veep and Girls: HBO Are Doing It For Themselves

Dan BarrettFeb 29, 2012

After a few stagnant years, it looks like all the best TV is coming from HBO once again. Two of the shows I am most excited about are the Julia Louise Dreyfus helmed Veep and the Lena D

Danger 5 - "I Danced For Hitler"

Dan BarrettFeb 27, 20125 Comments

There are some TV shows you want to give a pass to just because they’re trying something different. TV is a medium that thrives on mediocrity, so any show that strives to achieve some

Waking up to Ten's Breakfast

Waking up to Ten's Breakfast

Dan BarrettFeb 23, 20122 Comments

What the hell was that? Late yesterday, Ten issued a media release to let the world know that Ten had decided to go early in launching their new Breakfast show. It had been expected

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