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[TV Diary] Tuesday 23 November 2010

Dan BarrettNov 23, 20101 Comment

On The Box Black Books (ABC2, 8pm), Edge of Darkness (ABC2, 8:30pm), JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America (SBS1, 10pm). On the Torrents How I Met You

Warners greenlight Buffy

Warners greenlight Buffy

Dan BarrettNov 23, 2010

[TV Diary] Monday 22 November 2010

Dan BarrettNov 22, 20101 Comment

On The Box Million Dollar Baby (Ch 9, 8:30pm), Spiderman (Go!, 8:30pm), The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination (ABC1, 9:30pm), Peep Show (ABC2, 9:30pm), 30 Rock (7Mate,

Televised Revolution Podcast - Episode 13

Dan BarrettNov 22, 2010

Televised Revolution gets down and dirty this week with a very comfortable 30 minute podcast. On this weeks show Dan, Simon, and Dennis take a look at: The BBC get set t

[TV Diary] Friday 19 November 2010

Dan BarrettNov 19, 20102 Comments

On The Box FRI: James Mays Toy Stories (SBS1, 7:30pm), Indianna Jones & The Last Crusade (Ch 7, 8:30pm), Breaking Bad (ABC2, 9:30pm), The Bisexual Revolution (SBS1, 10

Warnie Social Media Fail

Warnie Social Media Fail

Dan BarrettNov 18, 20102 Comments

Channel 9 are premiering a new talk show fronted by Shane Warne.It's only natural that they would want to promote it through Facebook. The Facebook crowd don't seem particularly recepti

[TV Diary] Thursday 18 October 2010

Dan BarrettNov 18, 20101 Comment

On The Box Rake (ABC1, 8:30pm), Neil Morrisseys Risky Business (SBS1, 8:30pm), Breaking Bad (ABC1, 9:30pm), 30 Rock (Ch 7, 10:30pm), A Journey Through American Music:

[TV Diary] Wednesday 17 October 2010

Dan BarrettNov 17, 20102 Comments

On The Box Raising Hope (Ch 10, 8pm), Human Target (Go!, 8:30pm), Red Riding Trilogy: 1980 (SBS1, 10:05pm), We Are Wizards (ABC2, 10:15pm), Conan (GEM, 11pm).

[TV Diary] Tuesday 16 November 2010

Dan BarrettNov 16, 20104 Comments

On The Box Edge of Darkness (ABC2, 8:30pm), The Sopranos (7Two, 11:10pm), Shrink Rap (ABC1, 11:35pm), Reno 911 (Go!, 9:40pm) On The Torrents Durha

[TV Diary] Monday 15 November 2010

[TV Diary] Monday 15 November 2010

Dan BarrettNov 15, 20102 Comments

On The Box