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Jan 6, 2011

ABC2 Farewells Colbert

stephen_colbertIf you’re anything like me, firstly, congratulations. Secondly, it likely also means that part of your nightly routine includes watching The Daily Show/Colbert Report on ABC2. Tonight, ABC2 will air The Colbert Report for the last time.

The Comedy Channel has re-gained exclusivity over The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. TDS will remain on ABC2 until the end of the month.

One would assume that Colbert and TDS will see a heck of a lot more Australian downloads via Bittorrent in the coming weeks than ever before.

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32 thoughts on “ABC2 Farewells Colbert

  1. LisaCrago

    Watching Jon Stewart without his sidekick is just terrible.
    That they are both now going to pay tv is not right.
    These two shows finally were educatinng people about american politics.

  2. Des

    I agree with everyone who said that they were the only two shows worth watching. I cannot watch commercials any more – Harvey Norman ads fill me with an existential fury.

    OK, if you don’t know how to download, here’s how: first get a torrent programme like utorrent ( – download it to your computer (it’s free). Then go to your favourite browser and go to (it’s a search engine for torrents) and in the search box type Colbert Report (or anything else in the world that you want really). Then sort by date or by seeds (the column headed “S” which is the number of kind people sharing the show around the world), also read the comments because sometimes someone will warn you that it is not a real torrent or is password protected and asks for money for what should be free (like Murdick). Click on “Download Torrent” and it should recognise your utorrent programme as the application to use for the download, it will then ask you where you want it copied to. You end up with an AVI file which you can play on your computer or on your TV if it is connected to anything with a USB port (like the newer DVD players.)
    Good luck! Don’t pay Rupert!

  3. Erin


    I shall now throw my television off my balcony. I have no further use for it.

  4. Jay

    Just wanted to add my own sadness to this news…so very sad…There is absolutely nothing on the TV that makes me laugh as much as Jon and Stephen. Shame.

  5. josh

    chaser, gone
    colbert, gone
    stewart, going!!!!

  6. Frank

    I’ll miss Stewart much more than Colbert – find the latter a bit much sometimes.

  7. Simon Band

    I was talking about the short clips, unless it’s different since I last visited, they were unavailable too! Throwing the baby out with the bath water, no?

  8. Dan Barrett

    Most US shows are geo-locked on their originating Broadcasters streaming services due to overseas output deals. Colbert/Daily Show is no exception. At least you can still watch full episodes officially in shorter, edited segments. Conan has copied this model.

  9. Simon Band

    Whenever I’m in the UK and look at TDS and Colbert websites, I get “This is not available online because the show is broadcast on *channel forget*”, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was part of an exclusivity deal here as well.

  10. John

    Seriously, these are the only two TV shows I watch religiously anymore.

    And to make matters worse, these are perhaps the only intelligent satirical shows on TV now that the chasers have also finished. Actually, they are the only intelligent non documentaries, period.

    Why must the australian public be subjugated to ‘two and a half men’ and ‘today tonight’ while the few shows with integrity are reserved to those that can afford them?

  11. Frustrated

    Damn it.
    What the hell is going on at the ABC.
    The board should move to remove Mark Scott – he has well and truly fallen asleep at the wheel this time.
    This is a bloody outrage…

  12. Sharni

    This news really bites the big one :(… I wonder if Foxtel hopes it’s burying them by having them not show on the national broadcaster any more, and how Stewart and Colbert would feel about that. Hoping that Glenn Beck hates sharing Foxtel with them would only make me feel better if I actually still got to see them every night.

    Thankyou for making me think of downloading them from now on though…

  13. AC

    I am seriously upset about this. The Colbert Report and The Daily Show are my favourite shows, and just about the only things I bother to watch on TV nowadays. It was lovely having them on over dinner without having to download them or deal with any of that hassle.

    But oh well, looks like I’ll be exploring…other options. I’m certainly not giving them up just because Australian TV wants to be uncooperative.

  14. Jamie

    This is such a pity, The Daily Show and Colbert Report were two of the best things on TV these days. Being banished to a pay network that no-one watches is annoying.

    As mentioned here, we’ll go back to watching it online I guess

  15. Mark

    You can watch the eps online, but still, this is very sad news.

    So whats the deal? The ABC has lost the right to show it? Why?

  16. Richard

    The irony is that Foxtel (murdoch) ahs paid a big exclusivity payment for the tv show(s) that lampoon fox news more than anyone else. I wonder how Glenn Beck feels about that

  17. Bob Gosford

    Peter Garrett must resign…bastards…

  18. rhiannondd

    Bugger bugger bugger. I blame Harvey Norman and the Australian selection team.

  19. Marni

    Those are the only two shows I ever watch – I guess that’s the end of my TV watching days. Back to watching online.

  20. LizzieA


    that sux 🙁

  21. Bec Monty

    Out of all the new digital channels ABC2 propelled itself to become my favourite. Well not anymore. Thank you for promoting the use of torrents.

  22. custaro

    And may I just say, screw you Comedy Channel. Like this will entice a single person to get Foxtel. I’ve never been one to torrent but now I’m going to learn to torrent this and plenty more. Dickheads.

  23. custaro

    Well that’s about the shittest thing I’ve ever heard. My life is over.

  24. A. N. Onymous

    Thank you. As you can see at the ethics classes’ link, I posted the sole comment there, asking why I couldn’t see an article.

    Later I sent an email to [email protected] and received an automated acknowledgment of receipt, but the page is still blank.

    I keep going back to those blank pages every now and then, hoping I’ll someday be able to read the articles; but they remain blank. 🙂

  25. Dan Barrett

    Interesting. I’ll get the web editor Luke to give this a look and find out what’s at play. Thanks for the heads up.

  26. A. N. Onymous

    Forgot to say that I found your article at by using Google.

  27. A. N. Onymous

    Is your article at the one intended to be at ? That link is presently on Crikey’s home page under “Media” and on page 1 of the Crikey archives. Judging by my previous experience (see links below) it will move further in the Archives each day but remain in them.

    The following links do not produce Crikey’s adorable 404 error (Oh dear, … eek) — they go to Crikey pages with all of the usual site detail (links at the top and bottom etc) and the story title in the usual bold font. However, there is no story — just a blank white space.

    As I do not read all of Crikey, there could well be others that I am not aware of like the current and these: (which should be the plural “congressmen” of course)

  28. ZedP

    Awwwww maaaaaaannnnnnn!

  29. oldskool


    So I have to re-subscribe on itunes then?

    (I could bittorrent but it seems easier to do the itunes thing)

    Stupid Fox!

  30. Dan Barrett

    Look, it’s not my primary motivation. But, seeing you fume is a happy side benefit.

  31. Jason Whittaker




    It IS my routine! It’s my post-work wind-down! They’re the only regularly scheduled terrestrial TV show I actually never miss!


    You’ve made me angry, Barrett. Really angry. Is this what you wanted your blog to be? A vehicle to make people angry?!


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