Online distribution is the inevitable future of TV distribution. There are a lot of players out there trying to position themselves to be in the right place to capitalise on this. When I consider all of these players, there is only one that feels like it has gotten it right (albeit in just one possible configuration) is the US TV/Film service Hulu.

New media types are often keen to upset the apple cart and provide access to the consumer in a fluid manner that makes sense from a common sense perspective. Those with a financial interest in the distribution of content aren’t as interested in the ease of the delivery method as much as they are in the money that can be made between point A and point B.

So, what happens when Web 2.0 sophisticate Jason Kilar is in a position to revolutionise TV and Film distribution with access to premium content via the content portal Hulu? Well, he pisses off a whole lot of people. The Hollywood Reporter have filed this story on Jason Kilar. It’s must-read material for anyone who wants to see what happens when consumer ideals meet reality dictated by financial concerns.

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