There is no question that the future of television will involve a lot of on-demand content delivered to television sets over the net. The questions that do exist relate to the form in which these services will exist, how will content providers be paid, and just how accessible the breadth of content will be through media gateways (ie will I be able to watch the Amazing Race as well as Mad Men, or will I need seperate devices/subscription services?).

While current offerings are interesting, there still isn’t one that offers the required content and ease of use that is necessary to definitively point to it as the platform of the future.

This video put together by Boston advertising agency Hill Holliday‘s Research & Development Team is evidence that current market leading devices still aren’t quite ready enough for mass consumption. After a week of using a Boxee Box, Roku, Apple TV, or Xbox 360 device, with no one offered a compelling reason to cut their pay television provider from their lives.


While most of these are not yet available for the Australian market, do you feel that any of these devices yet match your viewing needs?

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