I’ve never quite had the love for Doctor Who. I mostly understood the appeal, but it never really quite resonated with me. When Russell T Davies rebooted the series with Christopher Eccleston in the lead, I enjoyed the fresh take on the series, but it still never became must-see viewing. I chalk that up mostly to the lack of enthusiasm I have for Davies as a showrunner. But, boy oh boy, did Doctor Who get good when Steven Moffat took over.

It is with my Moffat love that when I see this trailer for the new Doctor Who series, I actually got a little giddy. I don’t recall seeing a fez, but I did catch some gorgeous cinematography. The budget on the show is less than it had been during the Davies years, but man is this a handsome looking show.

Doctor Who returns April 23 in the UK (very soon after in Australia on ABC1).


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