The Dark Tower is back on. With some financial hurdles now overcome, Imagine Entertainment are moving forward on bringing the Stephen King books to the screen. A trilogy of movies will hit cinema screens, with a TV series accompanying it that fills in the blanks between films 1 & 2 and a second season between films 2 & 3. The TV series aspect of it will be screened/distributed by HBO, with the films yet to find a studio and distributor.

A similar TV/film integration is set to take place with the recently announced Arrested Development film.

Ever since the digitisation of media, a blurring has taken place between film and TV. DVD, online streaming services, and direct downloads have eliminated prestige that film once had over television. While there are obvious arguments that can be made to detail the declining value of film as a medium compared to the increase in critical value of television series, from the sheer availability of the product, both TV and film are now available commercially from the same outlets with no discernable difference between being positioned on a different shelf/website tab.

Further to this, with so many film franchises dominating the cinema screens these days (turning the feature film into a serialised commodity), can anyone really find that much of a difference between the two forms?

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