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The Apple Television. Best Buy believes it’s a thing.

The Apple Television. Best Buy believes it’s a thing.

Dan Barrett February 7, 2012 2 Comments

Rumours continue regarding the notion of an Apple television. Should Apple release such a device (quite likely), it represents a game changer for smart televisions. While most leading TV manufacturers offer smart functionality on their units, the marketing power of Apple takes it mainstream. An Apple television would not only have the media and people […]

The Future of Telly Continues To Take Form

The Future of Telly Continues To Take Form

Dan Barrett November 29, 2011

TV isn’t going anywhere, but the way that it is to be distributed and the way viewers engage with it is changing radically. Credit Suisse Analyst Stefan Anninger has forecast a 200,000 subscriber loss for the US pay television market, while also claiming that youth are revolting against expensive channel packages. Anninger suggests that young […]

Is Apple TV Set To Offer TV?

Is Apple TV Set To Offer TV?

Dan Barrett June 28, 2011 7 Comments

Rumours have been building in recent months that Apple are set to move in a big way into television. There’s been talk of some sort of partnership with Samsung, Steve Jobs wanting to ‘revolutionise television’ prior to the publication of an authorised biography next year (and before he moves beyond this mortal coil), and then […]

Cutting the cord? Not yet.

Dan Barrett March 15, 2011 7 Comments

There is no question that the future of television will involve a lot of on-demand content delivered to television sets over the net. The questions that do exist relate to the form in which these services will exist, how will content providers be paid, and just how accessible the breadth of content will be through […]

[TV Diary] Thursday 02 September 2010

Dan Barrett September 2, 2010

Broadcast TV Spotlight Visions of The Future – “The Biotech Future” (ABC1, 8:30pm), John Safrans Race Relations (ABC2, 11:30pm) Fresh Downloads LA Ink, Warehouse 13, Top Chef, Dark Blue Assigned Reading The US are getting into the REALLY early news game. Will we see something similar? Elizabeth Sarnoff showrunning a series set on Alcatraz? Consider […]