Maybe baby: ABC2's <em>Growing Up Gayby</em> is filled with quiet hope

Maybe baby: ABC2’s Growing Up Gayby is filled with quiet hope

Nov 20, 2013 12

ABC2's second series of Opening Shot, five one-off documentaries from emerging filmmakers, premieres this week. Guest blogger Esther O'Rourke-deGraaf takes a look at the first installment, Growing Up Gayby.

Supremely <em>Awkward.</em>: why MTV's teen sitcom is vital television

Supremely Awkward.: why MTV’s teen sitcom is vital television

Nov 20, 2013 2

TV has struggled to make a great show for a new generation of teens, but the call has been answered in the form of MTV sitcom Awkward. Laurence Barber explores how this bright and brassy show came to sit alongside the best comedies on television.

One nation's trash is another nation's pleasure: Ten's failed <em>Taken Out</em> lives on as China's <em>If You Are The One</em>

One nation’s trash is another nation’s pleasure: Ten’s failed Taken Out lives on as China’s If You Are The One

Nov 6, 2013 3

Taken Out was axed in 2008 after just four weeks, but the format lives on in If You Are the One, the Chinese reimagining of the thimble-deep dating show. Guest blogger Ali Winters takes a look at the show currently working its way to cult status on SBS2.

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Seven exec Bevan Lee hopes

Seven exec Bevan Lee hopes “the new media does not give rise to an elitist snobbery”, says he doesn’t even watch the kind of TV he writes

Nov 1, 2013 4

Channel Seven network executive and creator of Packed to the Rafters Bevan Lee has stated that TV's increasing engagement with new media makes his "blood run cold" and that writers are no longer "paying their dues". Wires & Lights explores why, in a world of shrinking ratings and more great TV than ever, Lee's perspective is as hypocritical as it is embarrassingly outmoded.

Perfect storytelling: <em>Redfern Now</em>'s second season soars

Perfect storytelling: Redfern Now‘s second season soars

Byron BacheOct 31, 2013 9

The critically acclaimed Redfern Now begins its second season this week on ABC1. Byron Bache takes a look at why it's a watershed moment for Australian television writing.

In the game of fantasy, <em>Korra</em> wins and <em>Game of Thrones</em> dies

In the game of fantasy, Korra wins and Game of Thrones dies

Oct 25, 2013 9

Game of Thrones is big business, but is it breaking new ground? Guest blogger Matthew Sini takes a look at the state of fantasy on television, and the divide between the HBO behemoth and Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra.

Ja'mie King is dead, long live Ja'mie King: the Private School Girl gets her own show

Ja’mie King is dead, long live Ja’mie King: the Private School Girl gets her own show

Oct 23, 2013 26

Chris Lilley's long-awaited new series Ja'mie: Private School Girl airs this week on ABC1. Lilley's back in the wig and the school dress, but without the fish-out-of-water premise of Summer Heights High, is Ja'mie anything more than a monster? Laurence Barber and Byron Bache watched the first episode.

New on TV: <em>Super Fun Night</em>, <em>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</em>, <em>Mom</em>, and <em>Trophy Wife</em>

New on TV: Super Fun Night, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mom, and Trophy Wife

Oct 17, 2013

There’s a bounty of new TV on the airwaves lately with the start of the fall season in the US. Wires & Lights is giving you an overview of how this new wave is faring so far. After a few episodes, which shows are becoming cohesive, promising new additions, and which are lagging behind? This week we look at Rebel Wilson's Super Fun Night, cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an actually modern family in Trophy Wife, and the Anna Faris-Allison Janney multi-cam Mom.

<em>Orange is the New Black</em>, <em>Wentworth</em> is the new beige: what's wrong with Australian TV?

Orange is the New Black, Wentworth is the new beige: what’s wrong with Australian TV?

Byron BacheOct 9, 2013 30

It's the perfect case study. Two shows with the same premise: a women's prison, a terrified new inmate finding her place in the pecking order, and a pick-and-mix supporting cast of misfits whose stories are told in flashback. Wentworth premiered earlier this year on Foxtel's SoHo. Orange is the New Black debuts this week on Foxtel's Showcase. When it comes to scripted television, the divide between Australia and the rest of the world has never been easier to chart.

<em>Breaking Bad</em> delivered the exact finale it promised, but was that enough?

Breaking Bad delivered the exact finale it promised, but was that enough?

Sep 30, 2013 10

Tonight marked the end of Breaking Bad, one of the most acclaimed television shows of the last decade. But was "Felina" the series finale of a show which too simplistically forewent broader cultural impact in favour of safer narrative closure?