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Supremely <em>Awkward.</em>: why MTV's teen sitcom is vital television

Supremely Awkward.: why MTV’s teen sitcom is vital television

Laurence BarberNov 20, 20132 Comments

TV has struggled to make a great show for a new generation of teens, but the call has been answered in the form of MTV sitcom Awkward. Laurence Barber explores how this bright and brassy show came to sit alongside the best comedies on television.

Seven exec Bevan Lee hopes

Seven exec Bevan Lee hopes “the new media does not give rise to an elitist snobbery”, says he doesn’t even watch the kind of TV he writes

Laurence BarberNov 1, 20134 Comments

Channel Seven network executive and creator of Packed to the Rafters Bevan Lee has stated that TV's increasing engagement with new media makes his "blood run cold" and that writers are no longer "paying their dues". Wires & Lights explores why, in a world of shrinking ratings and more great TV than ever, Lee's perspective is as hypocritical as it is embarrassingly outmoded.

Perfect storytelling: <em>Redfern Now</em>'s second season soars

Perfect storytelling: Redfern Now‘s second season soars

Byron BacheOct 31, 20139 Comments

The critically acclaimed Redfern Now begins its second season this week on ABC1. Byron Bache takes a look at why it's a watershed moment for Australian television writing.

In the game of fantasy, <em>Korra</em> wins and <em>Game of Thrones</em> dies

In the game of fantasy, Korra wins and Game of Thrones dies

Matthew SiniOct 25, 20139 Comments

Game of Thrones is big business, but is it breaking new ground? Guest blogger Matthew Sini takes a look at the state of fantasy on television, and the divide between the HBO behemoth and Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra.

<em>Orange is the New Black</em>, <em>Wentworth</em> is the new beige: what's wrong with Australian TV?

Orange is the New Black, Wentworth is the new beige: what’s wrong with Australian TV?

Byron BacheOct 9, 201330 Comments

It's the perfect case study. Two shows with the same premise: a women's prison, a terrified new inmate finding her place in the pecking order, and a pick-and-mix supporting cast of misfits whose stories are told in flashback. Wentworth premiered earlier this year on Foxtel's SoHo. Orange is the New Black debuts this week on Foxtel's Showcase. When it comes to scripted television, the divide between Australia and the rest of the world has never been easier to chart.

Not-so-<em>Modern Family</em>: 16 years after <em>Ellen</em>, are we now in a golden age of queer television?

Not-so-Modern Family: 16 years after Ellen, are we now in a golden age of queer television?

Laurence BarberSep 23, 20138 Comments

Modern Family has been called ground-breaking by one US TV critic, but within the history of LGBTQ representation on the small screen, where does it really sit? Does it compare to the watershed episode of Ellen that changed television in 1997? Laurence Barber explores the past, present and future of non-normative sexuality on the small screen, and asks the question: are we about to enter a golden age of queer television?

Diminishing return? Chris Lilley's upcoming <em>Ja'mie: Private School Girl</em> to revive one of his most popular creations

Diminishing return? Chris Lilley’s upcoming Ja’mie: Private School Girl to revive one of his most popular creations

Laurence BarberSep 9, 20131 Comment

Chris Lilley's just-announced production for the ABC is a 6-part series based on twice-used bitchy teen Ja'mie King. After the slump of Angry Boys, can Lilley overcome the character's inherent limitations or will it prove to simply be a lunge for renewed commercial success?

Yes we camp: the revolutionary reality TV that is <em>Rupaul's Drag Race</em>

Yes we camp: the revolutionary reality TV that is Rupaul’s Drag Race

Christopher WelldonAug 29, 20131 Comment

This Saturday, RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on free-to-air television for the first time. While LOGO TV starts cutting together the already-filmed footage for season six (in which it is rumoured our own Courtney Act may actually be a contestant), SBS2 brings the first season to our screens. Guest blogger Christopher Welldon thinks it’s a perfect fit.

Desert island: how <em>Breaking Bad</em> became the next <em>Lost</em>

Desert island: how Breaking Bad became the next Lost

Jack ReedAug 27, 20133 Comments

Game of Thrones is the dominant genre show of the moment. But with more science fiction and fantasy adaptations on the way, guest blogger Jack Reed asks where we turn for the imaginative mystery and unpredictability that The X-Files and Lost once gave us. Surprisingly, it's to a dark drama about a family man cooking crystal meth.

Cartoon and a comedian: how <em>Adventure Time</em> and <em>Louie</em> are revolutionising TV storytelling for different generations

Cartoon and a comedian: how Adventure Time and Louie are revolutionising TV storytelling for different generations

Laurence BarberAug 15, 20135 Comments

Adventure Time and Louie are, on the surface, vastly different shows; one's a kaleidoscopic cartoon, the other a Woody Allen-esque sitcom about a middle-aged comedian. So how is it that they have come to be so fundamentally similar in a way that is radically reshaping TV storytelling?