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arrested development


arrested development


Not-so-<em>Modern Family</em>: 16 years after <em>Ellen</em>, are we now in a golden age of queer television?

Not-so-Modern Family: 16 years after Ellen, are we now in a golden age of queer television?

Laurence BarberSep 23, 20138 Comments

Modern Family has been called ground-breaking by one US TV critic, but within the history of LGBTQ representation on the small screen, where does it really sit? Does it compare to the watershed episode of Ellen that changed television in 1997? Laurence Barber explores the past, present and future of non-normative sexuality on the small screen, and asks the question: are we about to enter a golden age of queer television?

NO SPOILERS!: <em>Arrested Development</em> season four review

NO SPOILERS!: Arrested Development season four review

Laurence BarberMay 27, 2013

The prodigal show returns as Arrested Development drops its long-awaited fourth season. Now that they have finally gotten one in the can, do the creators have something of a mess on their hands?

<em>House of Cards</em> indeed: does the 'Netflix model' diminish television as art?

House of Cards indeed: does the 'Netflix model' diminish television as art?

Laurence BarberApr 21, 201312 Comments

Many have claimed that House of Cards will revolutionise TV, but it has all but faded from cultural consciousness before its season would have even ended had it aired in the traditional weekly manner. Is the streaming service creating a television landscape in which the forgettable is supreme and the supreme goes unseen?

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