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Macron's luck holds

Charles RichardsonApr 24, 20171 Comment

France's centrist walks away with the first round, and is set for a crushing victory in the runoff.

Two follow-up notes about France

Charles RichardsonApr 21, 20172 Comments

Two additional comments to make following this morning's post on France: one on betting odds and the other on the dilemma of the Australian right.

And still there were four ...

Charles RichardsonApr 21, 2017

France goes to the polls on Sunday, in an election in which Emmanuel Macron looks set to become the first centrist president since Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.

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France knows what it wants, but not how to get it

Charles RichardsonApr 20, 20178 Comments

The polls unanimously tell us that Emmanuel Macron is the preferred choice for French president. The question is whether the electoral system will translate that into reality.

Brexit moves east

Charles RichardsonApr 18, 20171 Comment

Another victory for authoritarianism, this time in Turkey, but the closeness of the result conveys some hope for the future.

Tribalism trumps policy at News Corp

Charles RichardsonApr 17, 20173 Comments

A News Corp writer endorses the National Front. How many more will follow him?

Amazing hypocrisy on free speech

Charles RichardsonApr 8, 20177 Comments

A Palestinian activist falls foul of the federal government's highly selective concern for freedom of speech.

A four-way race in France

Charles RichardsonApr 6, 20175 Comments

As the Socialist candidate fades, France's voters are reduced to four realistic choices for president. Emmanuel Macron remains the clear favorite, but he's not home yet.

Results on three continents

Charles RichardsonApr 4, 2017

Three generally expected election results from the weekend, although one of them was a cliffhanger.

Three quick previews: Armenia, Serbia, Ecuador

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 20171 Comment

Three elections this weekend offer contrasting lessons on the problems of presidential government.

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