After five and a half years, The World is Not Enough is leaving the Crikey umbrella and setting out on its own as an independent venture. You can find us at the new easy-to-remember address: Go check it out!

All the old content can be found at the new site, with a bright new interface and added features. Past posts will still be available here as well (and old internal links from the new site might sometimes take you back here), but new posts from now on will only appear there. The new information pages will tell you more about the blog and about me.

My parting with Crikey is entirely amicable – I’m very grateful for their support over the years. But I felt that we were moving in different directions, and I want to spend more time on the sort of writing that didn’t really fit with their business model. It’s still very important to support independent media, so if you don’t already have a Crikey subscription, please consider it.

At the new site, you can expect more posts and greater variety. I want to experiment a bit with posts of different lengths and on a broader range of topics; there’ll probably be less of the straight journalistic reports and some more personal posts – not in the “what I had for breakfast” sense, but personal reactions to and interpretations of what’s in the news. I’ll also try to do more to point to interesting material that I find.

The new site also offers a bunch of new features, including an archive that works, a contact form, categories, links, and a translation button. There’ll be some tweaking of it over the next few weeks and as we iron out the bugs, so please feel free to tell us what you like or don’t like, and what you think could be improved and how.

A big thank you to everyone who’s participated here over the years, and we look forward to welcoming you at the new site!

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