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Democracy on the march in West Africa

Charles RichardsonJan 19, 2017

Conflict looms in Gambia over a contested election result, but it's likely to be very one-sided.

World election news, part II

Charles RichardsonDec 16, 2016

More world electoral news (an occasional feature). Today Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Gambia.

World election news, part I

Charles RichardsonDec 13, 2016

There's a lot happening in the electoral world. Today Romania, France, Iceland and Ghana; part II to follow tomorrow.

We need more democracy, not less

Charles RichardsonNov 10, 20161 Comment

Donald Trump's victory comes courtesy of the electoral system, not the voters' choice. And that's not something unusual.

Trump, and other updates

Charles RichardsonMay 4, 20163 Comments

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, after his last major rival conceded in Indiana. That, plus updates from Ireland, Iran and Equatorial Guinea.

What to watch for in 2016

Charles RichardsonJan 8, 2016

Twenty elections to watch out for around the world in 2016.

The limits of Europe, part I

Charles RichardsonJun 12, 20151 Comment

So is Azerbaijan in Europe or not? What about Turkey? Iceland? Morocco? The questions are never purely geographical, but they raise some difficult political problems.

Opposition win a game changer for Nigeria

Charles RichardsonApr 3, 2015

Nigeria elects another former military ruler, but this time by beating the incumbent in a fair election. It represents a huge step forward.

We're back!

Charles RichardsonDec 16, 20142 Comments

World blogging returns, with news from Greece, Japan, the US, Moldova, Tunisia and Hungary.

Two steps forward, one back in Tunisia

Charles RichardsonNov 2, 2014

Tunisian voters deliver a check to the Islamists, opting instead for secular forces with a link to the authoritarian past. But it's good to have a choice.

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