April, 2018

Easter election roundup

, Apr 03, 2018

Election news from around the world. This week: Costa Rica, Egypt, Sierra Leone and New Caledonia.

A resignation in South Africa

, Feb 15, 2018

South Africa's odd constitutional structure witnesses another change at the top.

2017 in review

, Jan 02, 2018

A review of the big elections of the last year and the current state of the "populist" threat.

Good news and bad news in Liberia

, Dec 29, 2017

Another step forward for democracy in West Africa, but it brings reminders of a brutal civil war.

Time to move on in Kenya

, Aug 11, 2017

Another disputed presidential election shows Kenyan democracy to be somewhat shaky but still functional.

Democracy on the march in West Africa

, Jan 19, 2017

Conflict looms in Gambia over a contested election result, but it's likely to be very one-sided.

World election news, part II

, Dec 16, 2016

More world electoral news (an occasional feature). Today Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Gambia.

World election news, part I

, Dec 13, 2016

There's a lot happening in the electoral world. Today Romania, France, Iceland and Ghana; part II to follow tomorrow.

We need more democracy, not less

, Nov 10, 2016

Donald Trump's victory comes courtesy of the electoral system, not the voters' choice. And that's not something unusual.

Trump, and other updates

, May 04, 2016

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, after his last major rival conceded in Indiana. That, plus updates from Ireland, Iran and Equatorial Guinea.

What to watch for in 2016

, Jan 08, 2016

Twenty elections to watch out for around the world in 2016.

The limits of Europe, part I

, Jun 12, 2015

So is Azerbaijan in Europe or not? What about Turkey? Iceland? Morocco? The questions are never purely geographical, but they raise some difficult political problems.

Opposition win a game changer for Nigeria

, Apr 03, 2015

Nigeria elects another former military ruler, but this time by beating the incumbent in a fair election. It represents a huge step forward.

We’re back!

, Dec 16, 2014

World blogging returns, with news from Greece, Japan, the US, Moldova, Tunisia and Hungary.

Two steps forward, one back in Tunisia

, Nov 02, 2014

Tunisian voters deliver a check to the Islamists, opting instead for secular forces with a link to the authoritarian past. But it's good to have a choice.

Four elections in one day

, Oct 27, 2014

A summary of yesterday's four elections, in Brazil, Ukraine, Tunisia and Uruguay.

A flawed election in Mauritania

, Jun 23, 2014

Mauritania's president is re-elected overwhelmingly in an election boycotted by the major opposition forces. It's an improvement on naked dictatorship, but well short of real democracy.

A lacklustre victory for Egypt’s general

, May 29, 2014

Egypt's military ruler is confirmed as president, but despite his efforts the turnout shows a lack of voter enthusiasm.

No surprises in South Africa

, May 09, 2014

The ANC wins its expected fifth landslide in South Africa, although the opposition's vote is well up. There's an expectation that the government will take the opportunity to pursue a more business-friendly agenda.

Election preview: South Africa

, May 07, 2014

One of the year's big elections is happening today in South Africa, but there's not much uncertainty about the result.