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Countries that love their immigrants

Charles RichardsonAug 29, 20172 Comments

Australia scores well on a world survey of attitudes to immigrants, but the implications for political debate are not entirely clear.


Charles RichardsonAug 18, 20171 Comment

Some further thoughts on the moral catastrophe that is Trumpism.

Who’s afraid of Alfred Deakin?

Charles RichardsonAug 16, 20173 Comments

Judith Brett argues that Malcolm Turnbull should have learned some lessons from Alfred Deakin, but perhaps the problem is that his opponents have already been learning them.

Election preview: Papua New Guinea

Charles RichardsonJul 6, 2017

A chaotic election in Papua New Guinea represents, among other things, the failings of Australian colonialism.

More about democracy and neoliberalism

Charles RichardsonMay 29, 20172 Comments

Democracy is the friend of liberalism, not its enemy. Maybe it's the friend of neoliberalism as well, if only we could agree on what that means.

Two follow-up notes about France

Charles RichardsonApr 21, 20172 Comments

Two additional comments to make following this morning's post on France: one on betting odds and the other on the dilemma of the Australian right.

Tribalism trumps policy at News Corp

Charles RichardsonApr 17, 20174 Comments

A News Corp writer endorses the National Front. How many more will follow him?

Amazing hypocrisy on free speech

Charles RichardsonApr 8, 20177 Comments

A Palestinian activist falls foul of the federal government's highly selective concern for freedom of speech.

Western Australia wraps up

Charles RichardsonMar 27, 2017

Final results from Western Australia confirm the dimensions of Labor's victory. They also show the upper house, for all its undemocratic structure, reflecting the popular vote rather well.

An anti-Trump landslide in WA

Charles RichardsonMar 13, 2017

Western Australia delivers a powerful lesson to centre-right parties about dalliance with extremists.