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America keeps counting

Charles RichardsonDec 8, 20164 Comments

Hillary Clinton's victory keeps getting bigger in terms of votes. But America seems stuck with a system where votes don't matter.

Italy, Austria and the authoritarian dilemma

Charles RichardsonDec 4, 2016

A referendum in Italy and a runoff election are both tests of Europe's political future.

So, farewell then, François Hollande

Charles RichardsonDec 2, 2016

France's president decides to bow out of a contest that seemed hopeless. But it's not clear that his party will do any better in his absence.

Fillon's triumph sets up a centre-left dilemma

Charles RichardsonNov 29, 2016

No surprises in the second round of France's Republican primary, but it foreshadows a fascinating presidential election in five months' time.

Two million and still counting

Charles RichardsonNov 25, 20164 Comments

Not only did Hillary Clinton clearly win the popular vote, her margin is still growing. That marks a problem that America really needs to address.

Republicans opt for Fillon

Charles RichardsonNov 23, 2016

François Fillon, whether you think of him as a liberal or conservative, is now the odds-on favorite to be the next president of France.

Another Republican primary, this time in France

Charles RichardsonNov 20, 2016

France's centre-right opposition is voting to select a presidential candidate, amid differing views on how to deal with the threat from the far right.

An unusual president, but not an unusual election

Charles RichardsonNov 18, 2016

Much commentary on the US election misses the point completely. The predecessor that Trump most closely resembles is not Ronald Reagan but Mitt Romney.

We need more democracy, not less

Charles RichardsonNov 10, 20161 Comment

Donald Trump's victory comes courtesy of the electoral system, not the voters' choice. And that's not something unusual.

Election preview: United States

Charles RichardsonNov 9, 20161 Comment

Election day is finally here, with the US set to elect its first female president. Here's what to watch for.

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