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On to round two in Ecuador

Charles RichardsonFeb 24, 2017

A delayed count in Ecuador has failed to stave off a second round of voting, in which the ruling leftist party will face a difficult challenge.

Election preview: Ecuador

Charles RichardsonFeb 18, 2017

Ecuador's leftist president is respecting term limits and bowing out. Change is on the way, which may not be good news for Julian Assange.

The luck of the centrist

Charles RichardsonFeb 10, 20171 Comment

France's progressive liberal candidate, Emmanuel Macron, could be the luckiest man in Europe. If his luck holds out, he will be in the second ballot against Marine Le Pen.

Election preview: Liechtenstein

Charles RichardsonFeb 5, 2017

Elections tonight in tiny Liechtenstein will be another (albeit small) test of the appeal of European populism.

Moment of truth for France's Socialists

Charles RichardsonJan 30, 20172 Comments

The Socialist Party's left seizes its presidential nomination. Now its moderate leadership needs to decide which way to jump.

Trump is the rearguard, not the vanguard

Charles RichardsonJan 23, 2017

A study of opinion shifts during Obama's time in office argues against the idea that Trump and the Republican Party have history on their side.

France's Socialists veer left

Charles RichardsonJan 23, 2017

Three months out from France's presidential election, the line-up of candidates is now pretty much complete. Only a major upset will prevent Benoît Hamon winning the second round of the Socialist primary next Sunday.

Democracy on the march in West Africa

Charles RichardsonJan 19, 2017

Conflict looms in Gambia over a contested election result, but it's likely to be very one-sided.

World election news, part II

Charles RichardsonDec 16, 2016

More world electoral news (an occasional feature). Today Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Gambia.

World election news, part I

Charles RichardsonDec 13, 2016

There's a lot happening in the electoral world. Today Romania, France, Iceland and Ghana; part II to follow tomorrow.

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