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Neoliberalism and socialism – compare and contrast

If only the debate about (neo)liberalism was as intellectually engaged as the debate about socialism.

Election preview: Colombia

A left-right contest in Colombia puts in question the country's economic future and the continuation of the peace deal with its left-wing rebels.

Spanish Socialists finally take the prize

Spain also has a new prime minister, one who is finally able to enjoy the fruits of the election victory he seemed to have won in 2015.

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Italy’s unknown prime minister

After a false start, Italy's populists install their man as prime minister, but his prospects look rather uncertain.

Election preview: Slovenia

The Trumpist right is expected to top the poll in Slovenia, but it looks like being well short of a majority.

Does monarchy help?

Monarchy is topical this week. Some suggest that it can be a positive force to guard against despotism, but I remain sceptical.

Catalonia gets a government at last

A new separatist premier is elected in Catalonia, by the narrowest of margins. He seems unlikely to win any friends in Madrid.

Election preview: East Timor

Constitutional shenanigans have led to an unnecessary early election in East Timor, but its democracy seems to be still functioning.

Election preview: Malaysia

If Malaysia was a democracy, the opposition would already be in power. As it is, they look like missing out again.