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Do we really have to go through this again?

Charles Richardson November 13, 2017 5 Comments

So the Coalition no longer has a majority in the House of Representatives. Here's why that's no big deal.

Czechs swing rightwards

Charles Richardson October 23, 2017

Another election, another bad result for the centre-left. The future direction of Czech politics is uncertain, although public opinion remains basically centrist.

Who needs thresholds, anyway?

Charles Richardson September 24, 2017

New Zealand copied its democratic electoral system from Germany, but also copied its least democratic and now pointless feature.

Left falls short in Norway

Charles Richardson September 14, 2017

Norway's government is returned, partly due to the electoral system. Next stop, New Zealand and Germany.

Election preview: Norway

Charles Richardson September 11, 2017

The non-rise of European populism continues, with Norway's establishment parties facing off in a close election.

Election preview: Papua New Guinea

Charles Richardson July 6, 2017

A chaotic election in Papua New Guinea represents, among other things, the failings of Australian colonialism.

Election preview: Malta

Charles Richardson June 2, 2017

Malta's very stable political system shows no sign of changing in tomorrow's election.

Cartographical fun in North Carolina

Charles Richardson May 25, 2017 2 Comments

The US Supreme Court strikes a blow against gerrymandering but also exposes the depth of its own partisan divisions.

Macron will win, but can he govern?

Charles Richardson May 1, 2017 5 Comments

France's politicians are looking ahead to the aftermath of Sunday's runoff election, and trying to work out how the new president will put together a parliamentary majority.

France knows what it wants, but not how to get it

Charles Richardson April 20, 2017 8 Comments

The polls unanimously tell us that Emmanuel Macron is the preferred choice for French president. The question is whether the electoral system will translate that into reality.