June, 2018

Spanish Socialists finally take the prize

, Jun 05, 2018

Spain also has a new prime minister, one who is finally able to enjoy the fruits of the election victory he seemed to have won in 2015.

Italy’s unknown prime minister

, Jun 05, 2018

After a false start, Italy's populists install their man as prime minister, but his prospects look rather uncertain.

Election preview: Slovenia

, Jun 03, 2018

The Trumpist right is expected to top the poll in Slovenia, but it looks like being well short of a majority.

Catalonia gets a government at last

, May 15, 2018

A new separatist premier is elected in Catalonia, by the narrowest of margins. He seems unlikely to win any friends in Madrid.

Happy birthday, Dr Marx!

, May 05, 2018

Karl Marx turns 200, and the debate over his legacy is as lively as ever.

Two elections and an “election”, plus more Trump and Brexit

, Apr 21, 2018

This week's electoral news is from Paraguay, Turkey, Cuba, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Recommended weekly reading

, Apr 18, 2018

A new feature: links to some recent material that readers should find interesting.

A month of no progress in Italy

, Apr 11, 2018

Italy's post-election deadlock continues, as obstinacy on the centre-left raises the likelihood of the far right taking power.

Still no way forward in Catalonia

, Apr 09, 2018

Catalonia's fugitive independence leader is free again, but his cause is in as much disarray as ever.

Election preview: Hungary

, Apr 08, 2018

Central Europe's most illiberal leader faces the voters, helped by a voting system designed for his own benefit.