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Poland pulls back

Charles RichardsonJul 25, 2017

Poland's plan to bring its judiciary under government control hits an unexpected roadblock. Presidential initiative isn't always a bad thing.

Poland and populism

Charles RichardsonJul 17, 2017

Anti-government protests in Poland offer a window on the difference between liberals and conservatives, and also an opportunity to think about whether the authoritarian right deserves the label of "populist".

Mr Macron and his parliament

Charles RichardsonJul 11, 20172 Comments

Emmanuel Macron faces many policy challenges, but he is at least enjoying continued success in his project of disrupting the French party system.

EOFY election roundup

Charles RichardsonJun 30, 20171 Comment

As the financial year comes to a close, we tie up some loose ends on recent electoral news.

Deadline in Belfast

Charles RichardsonJun 29, 20172 Comments

The shadow of Brexit and the precariousness of Theresa May's position are making it hard to put together a new government in Northern Ireland.

Election preview: Albania

Charles RichardsonJun 23, 2017

Albania continues to move towards political stability, with its prime minister seeking a mandate to negotiate entry to the European Union.

France reins in its president a little

Charles RichardsonJun 19, 20173 Comments

France's president wins a parliamentary mandate: a less impressive one than seemed likely a week ago, but a remarkable achievement for all that.

A cliffhanger and a landslide, part II

Charles RichardsonJun 15, 20179 Comments

Emmanuel Macron is on track for a very big parliamentary majority. The centrist forces that in Britain swung behind Jeremy Corbyn had in France a genuine centrist to rally to.

A cliffhanger and a landslide, part I

Charles RichardsonJun 13, 20174 Comments

Theresa May was an unlikely front person for right-wing populism. Perhaps that's why she did so badly.

Election preview: France, again

Charles RichardsonJun 9, 2017

In the week's other election, France starts the process of choosing its new parliament. President Emmanuel Macron looks like getting the result he wants.