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Political issues



Race and the Republicans

Charles RichardsonJul 29, 2016

The history of the last fifty years in the Republican party shows how the conservative movement sowed the seeds of its own destruction. It's not clear how it can ever be rebuilt.

Spain, eighty years on

Charles RichardsonJul 20, 2016

Spain marks another anniversary, but the lessons of the civil war have a special resonance this year for the rest of the world as well.

Disunited Kingdom, European Disunion

Charles RichardsonJun 29, 20164 Comments

A look at the winners and losers from the British referendum result.

Brexit: live reports

Charles RichardsonJun 24, 20162 Comments

British referendum results as they appear.

Decision-day for Britain on Europe

Charles RichardsonJun 24, 2016

In or out? Britain decides whether or not to stick with a European future.

Happy birthday, Miranda!

Charles RichardsonJun 14, 2016

For fifty years now, police in America have had to observe procedural safeguards that protect suspects' rights, and the sky has still not fallen in. But some haven't learned the lesson.

And the winner is: Tony Abbott

Charles RichardsonJun 14, 20162 Comments

Despite the advent of Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal Party's war against modernity has continued – as shown in its strange obsession with the Greens.

A three-party America?

Charles RichardsonJun 7, 20162 Comments

The Libertarian Party has hopes of becoming something like a mainstream European-style liberal party. But it needs to come to terms with the fact that plenty of liberals are happy enough as Clinton Democrats.

Three weeks and counting

Charles RichardsonJun 2, 2016

With three weeks to go until the "Brexit" referendum, the polls are pointing to a close result.

Talking about realignment

Charles RichardsonJun 1, 20162 Comments

Could the Republican Party become the party of the old-fashioned welfare state while the Democrats become the party of free enterprise?