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It's not all bad news on European fascism

Charles RichardsonApr 29, 20171 Comment

Germany's far-right party deals itself out of political relevance, at least for the time being. Europe's leaders have some breathing space, if they know what to do with it.

Two follow-up notes about France

Charles RichardsonApr 21, 20172 Comments

Two additional comments to make following this morning's post on France: one on betting odds and the other on the dilemma of the Australian right.

Brexit moves east

Charles RichardsonApr 18, 20171 Comment

Another victory for authoritarianism, this time in Turkey, but the closeness of the result conveys some hope for the future.

Tribalism trumps policy at News Corp

Charles RichardsonApr 17, 20173 Comments

A News Corp writer endorses the National Front. How many more will follow him?

Amazing hypocrisy on free speech

Charles RichardsonApr 8, 20177 Comments

A Palestinian activist falls foul of the federal government's highly selective concern for freedom of speech.

Centre-right back in Bulgaria

Charles RichardsonMar 28, 2017

Bulgaria's election produces a very mainstream result, although the new government seems likely to rely at least partly on the far right. A small German state also gives encouragement to the mainstream parties.

Neo-fascism, here and there: part II

Charles RichardsonMar 10, 20172 Comments

Like the Western Australians, the Dutch are fending off the far right. Having a democratic electoral system helps.

Neo-fascism, here and there: part I

Charles RichardsonMar 10, 2017

Western Australia will be the first test of One Nation's support since its triumphant return to prominence last year. The Liberal Party appears to have learned nothing, either from the European parallels or from its own experience.

Another lesson for direct-election republicans

Charles RichardsonMar 7, 2017

The lesson of Macedonia is another belated vindication of Malcolm Turnbull's position in the 1999 referendum.

Northern Ireland slipping away

Charles RichardsonMar 6, 20171 Comment

Northern Ireland's election shows another fault line developing in the United Kingdom with a strong swing away from Unionism.

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