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Middle east



Trump, and other updates

Charles RichardsonMay 4, 20163 Comments

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, after his last major rival conceded in Indiana. That, plus updates from Ireland, Iran and Equatorial Guinea.

Words that kill: terrorism and "Islamism"

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 2016

Why "Islamist" is the wrong word to use to describe terrorists, and why some people want us to use it anyway.

Results roundup

Charles RichardsonMar 4, 2016

An irregular feature updating world electoral news. This week, the United States, Iran, Spain, Ireland and Jamaica.

Holiday reading

Charles RichardsonDec 31, 2015

As usual, news is a bit thin at this time of the year, but for those who are looking for holiday reading in the political sphere I've put together some links to interesting stuff that I've come across recently.

Turkey, again

Charles RichardsonNov 1, 2015

Another Turkish election looks like throwing up the same options as the last one.

We warn the Turks

Charles RichardsonAug 22, 2015

Turkey is headed back to the polls, in an election that's unlikely to solve anything but may give the country's fractious opposition parties another opportunity.

If not peace, what?

Charles RichardsonJul 19, 20152 Comments

Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal have good reasons for not being too explicit about what their alternative is.

The limits of Europe, part I

Charles RichardsonJun 12, 20151 Comment

So is Azerbaijan in Europe or not? What about Turkey? Iceland? Morocco? The questions are never purely geographical, but they raise some difficult political problems.

Democratic surprise in Turkey

Charles RichardsonJun 10, 20153 Comments

Turkey may be set for minority government and political instability, but democracy has again shown how effective it can be in checking over-ambitious rulers.

Election preview: Turkey

Charles RichardsonJun 7, 20151 Comment

Today's Turkish election is a crucial test for both the country's government and its democratic credentials.

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