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Middle East


Election preview: Iran

Charles RichardsonMay 19, 2017

Iran's presidential election has been an acrimonious contest between the moderate incumbent and his conservative challenger. But no Iranian president really runs things.

Brexit moves east

Charles RichardsonApr 18, 20171 Comment

Another victory for authoritarianism, this time in Turkey, but the closeness of the result conveys some hope for the future.

Amazing hypocrisy on free speech

Charles RichardsonApr 8, 20177 Comments

A Palestinian activist falls foul of the federal government's highly selective concern for freedom of speech.

Results on three continents

Charles RichardsonApr 4, 2017

Three generally expected election results from the weekend, although one of them was a cliffhanger.

Three quick previews: Armenia, Serbia, Ecuador

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 20171 Comment

Three elections this weekend offer contrasting lessons on the problems of presidential government.

The Trump plan for Mid-East peace

Charles RichardsonFeb 16, 2017

Courtesy of both President Trump and the "facts on the ground", Israel and Palestine seem to be headed for a one-state solution. Is it time to accept that outcome and focus on making it work?

Death claims two presidents

Charles RichardsonJan 12, 2017

Portugal and Iran each lose an elder statesman. One brought democracy to his country, the other helped to edge it in that direction.

The normalisation of Europe's Greens

Charles RichardsonJan 9, 20171 Comment

As the centre-right backs away from the European idea, the Greens are picking up some of the slack.

What does Israel want?

Charles RichardsonJan 5, 20171 Comment

The season of peace and goodwill has produced little of either in the Middle East. But as a negotiated peace between Israelis and Palestinians looks ever more remote, no-one seems willing to spell out the alternatives.

Trump, and other updates

Charles RichardsonMay 4, 20163 Comments

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, after his last major rival conceded in Indiana. That, plus updates from Ireland, Iran and Equatorial Guinea.

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