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Party matters



An anti-Trump landslide in WA

Charles RichardsonMar 13, 2017

Western Australia delivers a powerful lesson to centre-right parties about dalliance with extremists.

Neo-fascism, here and there: part II

Charles RichardsonMar 10, 20171 Comment

Like the Western Australians, the Dutch are fending off the far right. Having a democratic electoral system helps.

Neo-fascism, here and there: part I

Charles RichardsonMar 10, 2017

Western Australia will be the first test of One Nation's support since its triumphant return to prominence last year. The Liberal Party appears to have learned nothing, either from the European parallels or from its own experience.

Macron on a roll

Charles RichardsonMar 9, 2017

It's a time of trauma for France's Socialist Party, as its leading figures start giving up on their own candidate and shift towards the centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Deep trouble for the French right

Charles RichardsonMar 2, 20173 Comments

France's Republican presidential candidate is now formally under investigation, and his centrist allies have jumped ship. Emmanuel Macron still looks like the luckiest man in Europe.

Switzerland says yes to immigrants

Charles RichardsonFeb 14, 20171 Comment

Switzerland's strict citizenship laws are relaxed slightly following a very convincing referendum victory. It's one sign that the power of xenophobia might be waning.

What Bernardi means

Charles RichardsonFeb 8, 20176 Comments

Cory Bernardi is an anomaly among Australian conservatives. That may lead to his rapid disappearance, or it may make him uniquely dangerous.

Australia's missing conscience

Charles RichardsonFeb 2, 20171 Comment

The Australian government baulks at condemning Donald Trump's barbarism, for fear that its own barbarism should be undermined.

Moment of truth for France's Socialists

Charles RichardsonJan 30, 20172 Comments

The Socialist Party's left seizes its presidential nomination. Now its moderate leadership needs to decide which way to jump.

France's Socialists veer left

Charles RichardsonJan 23, 2017

Three months out from France's presidential election, the line-up of candidates is now pretty much complete. Only a major upset will prevent Benoît Hamon winning the second round of the Socialist primary next Sunday.

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