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Party matters


Yet another view of neoliberalism

Charles RichardsonJul 20, 20172 Comments

An American liberal's interpretation of "neoliberalism" explores the messaging strategy of the left.

Mr Macron and his parliament

Charles RichardsonJul 11, 20172 Comments

Emmanuel Macron faces many policy challenges, but he is at least enjoying continued success in his project of disrupting the French party system.

EOFY election roundup

Charles RichardsonJun 30, 20171 Comment

As the financial year comes to a close, we tie up some loose ends on recent electoral news.

Georgia on their minds

Charles RichardsonJun 21, 20176 Comments

Republicans win an astronomically expensive Congressional race in Georgia, and almost lose the low-profile one in neighboring South Carolina.

Election preview: Britain

Charles RichardsonJun 8, 20172 Comments

An increased Conservative majority is the most likely outcome from Britain's general election, but unreliable polling and unstable party dynamics make prediction hazardous.

Democracy in Canada

Charles RichardsonMay 30, 2017

British Columbia gets a government, and Canada's Conservatives get a new leader.

Macron and the debate on neoliberalism

Charles RichardsonMay 18, 20171 Comment

Debate continues on what it means to be a "neoliberal", but more people seem willing to accept that it's not always a bad thing.

May election roundup

Charles RichardsonMay 15, 20172 Comments

An occasional feature. This week, France, Germany, Canada, the Bahamas and Austria.

Choosing democracy – or not

Charles RichardsonMay 4, 20173 Comments

The French left faces its moment of truth on whether to make a broad front against Marine Le Pen. The arguments for doing so seem overwhelming.

Macron will win, but can he govern?

Charles RichardsonMay 1, 20175 Comments

France's politicians are looking ahead to the aftermath of Sunday's runoff election, and trying to work out how the new president will put together a parliamentary majority.