April, 2018

Still no way forward in Catalonia

, Apr 09, 2018

Catalonia's fugitive independence leader is free again, but his cause is in as much disarray as ever.

Easter election roundup

, Apr 03, 2018

Election news from around the world. This week: Costa Rica, Egypt, Sierra Leone and New Caledonia.

February election roundup

, Feb 09, 2018

Three elections and a referendum: reports from Costa Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador and Monaco.

2017 in review

, Jan 02, 2018

A review of the big elections of the last year and the current state of the "populist" threat.

Catalonia one more time

, Dec 21, 2017

Catalonia remains deadlocked going into regional elections, with no obvious way forward regardless of who wins.

A rocky road to Brexit

, Dec 14, 2017

Labour has a big win in the House of Commons, leaving the British government in a much weakened position for critical talks with the EU.

Liberals confront Greens on two continents

, Nov 21, 2017

Both German Liberals and Australian "Liberals" are finding their lives complicated by the need to work out some sort of relationship with the Greens.

Live from Catalonia

, Nov 02, 2017

Catalonia is not in the midst of a revolution. But the good faith and common sense required to settle the crisis peacefully are still in short supply.

A very quick election roundup

, Oct 20, 2017

An occasional feature. This week, Czechia, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Australia and Catalonia.

Catalonia’s descent into madness

, Oct 03, 2017

By forcibly attempting to prevent a vote on Catalan independence, the Spanish government plays into the nationalists' hands.