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War and peace



Spain, eighty years on

Charles RichardsonJul 20, 2016

Spain marks another anniversary, but the lessons of the civil war have a special resonance this year for the rest of the world as well.

Disunited Kingdom, European Disunion

Charles RichardsonJun 29, 20164 Comments

A look at the winners and losers from the British referendum result.

Justice for genocide

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 2016

Radovan Karadžić, unsurprisingly, is convicted of war crimes. Why do we bother?

Words that kill: terrorism and "Islamism"

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 2016

Why "Islamist" is the wrong word to use to describe terrorists, and why some people want us to use it anyway.

Holiday reading

Charles RichardsonDec 31, 2015

As usual, news is a bit thin at this time of the year, but for those who are looking for holiday reading in the political sphere I've put together some links to interesting stuff that I've come across recently.

We warn the Turks

Charles RichardsonAug 22, 2015

Turkey is headed back to the polls, in an election that's unlikely to solve anything but may give the country's fractious opposition parties another opportunity.

If not peace, what?

Charles RichardsonJul 19, 20152 Comments

Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal have good reasons for not being too explicit about what their alternative is.

Another ceasefire, but the war continues

Charles RichardsonFeb 20, 2015

Another ceasefire falters in Ukraine. It's clear what the Ukrainian government is trying to achieve, but Russia's war aims are less obvious.

Sanctions, east and west

Charles RichardsonDec 20, 20143 Comments

American sanctions against Cuba have had more than fifty years to work, but haven't. Sanctions against Russia, however, are doing unexpectedly well.

Fragile ceasefire still holds in Ukraine

Charles RichardsonOct 20, 2014

Ukraine's ceasefire with its separatists has succeeded in stopping most of the fighting, but a permanent solution to the conflict still seems a long way off.

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