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The World is Not Enough



Three quick previews: Armenia, Serbia, Ecuador

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 20171 Comment

Three elections this weekend offer contrasting lessons on the problems of presidential government.

Centre-right back in Bulgaria

Charles RichardsonMar 28, 2017

Bulgaria's election produces a very mainstream result, although the new government seems likely to rely at least partly on the far right. A small German state also gives encouragement to the mainstream parties.

Western Australia wraps up

Charles RichardsonMar 27, 2017

Final results from Western Australia confirm the dimensions of Labor's victory. They also show the upper house, for all its undemocratic structure, reflecting the popular vote rather well.

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Election preview: Bulgaria

Charles RichardsonMar 24, 2017

Relations with Turkey are again a leading issue, this time with Bulgaria going to the polls. Despite tensions, the country has maintained an impressive degree of political stability.

Field set in France

Charles RichardsonMar 20, 2017

The candidates are all official now for the French presidential election. Emmanuel Macron, the luckiest man in Europe, is yet to slip up.

Netherlands live!

Charles RichardsonMar 16, 20171 Comment

Dutch election results as they appear.

Election preview: Netherlands

Charles RichardsonMar 15, 2017

Tonight's Dutch election is a test of the far right's support, but a much less significant one than media hype would suggest.

An anti-Trump landslide in WA

Charles RichardsonMar 13, 2017

Western Australia delivers a powerful lesson to centre-right parties about dalliance with extremists.

Neo-fascism, here and there: part II

Charles RichardsonMar 10, 20172 Comments

Like the Western Australians, the Dutch are fending off the far right. Having a democratic electoral system helps.

Neo-fascism, here and there: part I

Charles RichardsonMar 10, 2017

Western Australia will be the first test of One Nation's support since its triumphant return to prominence last year. The Liberal Party appears to have learned nothing, either from the European parallels or from its own experience.

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