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The World is Not Enough



Is it 1964 all over again?

Charles RichardsonJun 23, 2016

Donald Trump's train wreck of a campaign raises thoughts of 1964, the last time the Democrats won a landslide.

Hollande's rocky road to re-election

Charles RichardsonJun 22, 2016

French president François Hollande will have to win the vote of his own party before he can stand for re-election – and even then it will be hard work to make it to the second round.

Happy birthday, Miranda!

Charles RichardsonJun 14, 2016

For fifty years now, police in America have had to observe procedural safeguards that protect suspects' rights, and the sky has still not fallen in. But some haven't learned the lesson.

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And the winner is: Tony Abbott

Charles RichardsonJun 14, 20162 Comments

Despite the advent of Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal Party's war against modernity has continued – as shown in its strange obsession with the Greens.

Finally, a winner in Peru

Charles RichardsonJun 10, 2016

And you thought Austria was close? Peru's presidential election finally produces a winner, by a tiny margin.

Final Tuesday, live

Charles RichardsonJun 8, 2016

Results as they appear from the last states to hold primaries.

A three-party America?

Charles RichardsonJun 7, 20162 Comments

The Libertarian Party has hopes of becoming something like a mainstream European-style liberal party. But it needs to come to terms with the fact that plenty of liberals are happy enough as Clinton Democrats.

And now Peru puts on a cliffhanger

Charles RichardsonJun 6, 2016

The second round of Peru's presidential election is too close to call. Venezuela's president, on the other hand, is fighting tooth and nail against recall.

Three weeks and counting

Charles RichardsonJun 2, 2016

With three weeks to go until the "Brexit" referendum, the polls are pointing to a close result.

Talking about realignment

Charles RichardsonJun 1, 20162 Comments

Could the Republican Party become the party of the old-fashioned welfare state while the Democrats become the party of free enterprise?