Do we really have to go through this again?

Charles RichardsonNov 13, 2017 5

So the Coalition no longer has a majority in the House of Representatives. Here's why that's no big deal.

The Bolshevik putsch, 100 years on

Charles RichardsonNov 8, 2017 13

Lenin and the Bolsheviks took power a century ago. Much blood has flowed under the bridge since then.

Live from Catalonia

Charles RichardsonNov 2, 2017 5

Catalonia is not in the midst of a revolution. But the good faith and common sense required to settle the crisis peacefully are still in short supply.

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Luther at 500

Charles RichardsonNov 1, 2017 1

The Reformation turns five hundred, without ceasing to be controversial.

Czechs swing rightwards

Charles RichardsonOct 23, 2017

Another election, another bad result for the centre-left. The future direction of Czech politics is uncertain, although public opinion remains basically centrist.

Election preview: Japan

Charles RichardsonOct 22, 2017

Prime minister Shinzo Abe is seeking a fresh mandate, and seems unlikely to have much trouble getting it.

Election preview: Czechia

Charles RichardsonOct 21, 2017

A populist is set for victory in Czechia. What does that even mean?

A very quick election roundup

Charles RichardsonOct 20, 2017

An occasional feature. This week, Czechia, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Australia and Catalonia.

Always wait for the postals

Charles RichardsonOct 17, 2017

Austria's far right does badly on postal votes, shifting the atmospherics a bit from the way they looked on election night.

Another bad night for the centre-left

Charles RichardsonOct 16, 2017 1

No surprises in Austria, with the centre-right well in the lead and the centre-left dropping to a new low. It's also been a particularly bad night for the Greens.