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Election preview: Hungary

Central Europe's most illiberal leader faces the voters, helped by a voting system designed for his own benefit.

Easter election roundup

Election news from around the world. This week: Costa Rica, Egypt, Sierra Leone and New Caledonia.

An alarming runoff in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans get to choose on Sunday between two presidential candidates with the same surname. Polling suggests that the fundamentalist has the edge.

Remembering My Lai

One from the archive, as the Vietnam War recedes further into the past.

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Election preview: Russia

Russia's presidential election, or "election", doesn't require much analysis, but it still raises some interesting issues.

Election preview: South Australia

South Australians go to the polls, with little reason to think that the electoral system will reflect their wishes.

Italy: populists and populism

Will Italy's rival populists get together? Or does that idea rest on a misunderstanding?

The fantasy world of Brexit

Attempts to square the Brexit circle remain unsuccessful. But do the Tory Brexiters really care?

Options for Italy, revisited

The Italian results might look complicated, but they really boil down to just two options.

Italy’s choice

As Italian results come in, Silvio Berlusconi fades to irrelevance and the Five Star Movement faces a momentous choice.