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The centre strikes back

Germany can finally get a new government after the Social Democrats vote resoundingly in favor of a coalition with the centre-right.

Election preview: Italy

The centre-left's predicament in Italy probably looks worse than it is. But in the circumstances that's not much consolation.

Election preview: Tasmania

A Liberal government with a reduced majority looks the most likely outcome from Saturday's state election.

Options for Italy

A refractory populist bloc and an octogenarian kingmaker pose big problems for forming government in Italy.

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The trials of social democracy

Centre-left parties in Germany and Italy are putting their futures on the line next week. There's a thriving industry in trying to work out what's gone wrong with social democracy.

An update on Green support

It's time to have another look at what's been happening to the Green vote. Unfortunately, it depends a bit on what you're trying to measure.

A resignation in South Africa

South Africa's odd constitutional structure witnesses another change at the top.

February election roundup

Three elections and a referendum: reports from Costa Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador and Monaco.

Italy, one month out

Uncertainty on several fronts surrounds next month's Italian election, which could be Silvio Berlusconi's most unlikely comeback yet.

Election preview: Costa Rica

A close contest looms in Costa Rica, with both Trumpism and religious fundamentalism in the mix.