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Countries that love their immigrants

Charles RichardsonAug 29, 20172 Comments

Australia scores well on a world survey of attitudes to immigrants, but the implications for political debate are not entirely clear.

Germany, one month out

Charles RichardsonAug 24, 2017

Germany votes in a month's time, and the polls are giving plenty of encouragement to Angela Merkel.

Kurdistan’s turn

Charles RichardsonAug 22, 2017

Iraq's Kurds say they're pushing forward with a referendum on independence, but the nature of their strategy remains a little unclear.

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Charles RichardsonAug 18, 20171 Comment

Some further thoughts on the moral catastrophe that is Trumpism.

Who’s afraid of Alfred Deakin?

Charles RichardsonAug 16, 20173 Comments

Judith Brett argues that Malcolm Turnbull should have learned some lessons from Alfred Deakin, but perhaps the problem is that his opponents have already been learning them.

Oh dear, it’s North Korea again

Charles RichardsonAug 14, 20173 Comments

North Korea is staging its regular return to the headlines. Don't panic.

Time to move on in Kenya

Charles RichardsonAug 11, 2017

Another disputed presidential election shows Kenyan democracy to be somewhat shaky but still functional.

Can you get rid of presidential government?

Charles RichardsonAug 4, 20175 Comments

Events in Venezuela and the United States again cast doubt on the "separation of powers" constitutional model. Can it be reformed or replaced?

Merkel stands, more or less, on her record

Charles RichardsonJul 27, 2017

With Germany's election looming, chancellor Angela Merkel is being challenged on her response to the 2015 refugee crisis.

Poland pulls back

Charles RichardsonJul 25, 2017

Poland's plan to bring its judiciary under government control hits an unexpected roadblock. Presidential initiative isn't always a bad thing.