2017 in review

Charles RichardsonJan 2, 2018 3

A review of the big elections of the last year and the current state of the "populist" threat.

Good news and bad news in Liberia

Charles RichardsonDec 29, 2017

Another step forward for democracy in West Africa, but it brings reminders of a brutal civil war.

Catalonia one more time

Charles RichardsonDec 21, 2017 2

Catalonia remains deadlocked going into regional elections, with no obvious way forward regardless of who wins.

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One last word about Queensland

Charles RichardsonDec 19, 2017

Let's have a final look at how One Nation influenced the Queensland election. It's not at all what certain pundits would have you believe.

Election preview: Chile runoff

Charles RichardsonDec 17, 2017

The last big election for 2017 sees a closely-fought contest in Chile.

A rocky road to Brexit

Charles RichardsonDec 14, 2017

Labour has a big win in the House of Commons, leaving the British government in a much weakened position for critical talks with the EU.

A shaky new Czech government

Charles RichardsonDec 12, 2017

Seven weeks after its election, Czechia gets a new government, but it lacks a parliamentary majority.

Fascist soufflĂ© doesn’t rise twice

Charles RichardsonDec 8, 2017 4

Queensland's Liberal National Party finally concedes defeat. Labor's victory was less than fully convincing, but it was a major flop for One Nation.

Liberals confront Greens on two continents

Charles RichardsonNov 21, 2017 12

Both German Liberals and Australian "Liberals" are finding their lives complicated by the need to work out some sort of relationship with the Greens.

Do we really have to go through this again?

Charles RichardsonNov 13, 2017 5

So the Coalition no longer has a majority in the House of Representatives. Here's why that's no big deal.