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Two presidents back, another in doubt

Presidents are re-elected in Czechia and Finland – one narrowly, one very comfortably – while Cyprus's election goes to a second round next Sunday.

Election preview: Czech presidency, second round

Czechia's Trumpist president is running neck-and-neck with his challenger.

No, not Weimar

Germany heads for another grand coalition. It's not a rerun of the 1930s, regardless of what some commentators think.

Where to next for Catalonia?

Catalonia has returned from the Christmas break to find that its constitutional crisis is no nearer a solution.

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What is a country?

Appeasement of China on the travel front opens some interesting questions about what should count as a country.

Czech president seeks a new term

Czechia, on the front line against Trumpism and Putinism, prepares to pass judgement on its president.

2017 in review

A review of the big elections of the last year and the current state of the "populist" threat.

Good news and bad news in Liberia

Another step forward for democracy in West Africa, but it brings reminders of a brutal civil war.

Catalonia one more time

Catalonia remains deadlocked going into regional elections, with no obvious way forward regardless of who wins.

One last word about Queensland

Let's have a final look at how One Nation influenced the Queensland election. It's not at all what certain pundits would have you believe.