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Australia gets used to fixed terms

Charles RichardsonJan 30, 20132 Comments

The prime minister's election announcement shows up just how little flexibility she really had about the timing anyway. Australia has moved close to a fixed-term model without even trying.

Lib Dems get their revenge on electoral reform

Charles RichardsonJan 30, 20132 Comments

Britain's Liberal Democrats succeed last night in frustrating a Conservative move for electoral reform – as a measure of revenge for last year's defeat over the House of Lords, but also due to their own self-interest.

Obama and Senate compete on immigration reform

Charles RichardsonJan 29, 2013

A bipartisan Senate group comes out with a bold plan for US immigration reform, pre-empting the president's own proposals. But can either of them overcome the Republican rhetoric of "border protection"?

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Czechs get a new president

Charles RichardsonJan 28, 2013

The new Czech president comes from the left but won the support of incumbent Václav Klaus as well as opponents of austerity. It's an interesting combination.

A theoglogical view of nuclear weapons

Charles RichardsonJan 25, 20132 Comments

Iran stresses the importance of Ayatollah Khamenei's fatwa against nuclear weapons. Should we take him seriously?

Jordan stays ahead of the revolution, so far

Charles RichardsonJan 25, 20133 Comments

This week's election in Jordan was a less then fully democratic exercise. But King Abdullah II has so far succeeded in steering a moderate course through the perils of the Arab Spring.

Debt ceiling crisis over, for a while

Charles RichardsonJan 24, 2013

Congressional Republicans give in and vote to suspend America's debt ceiling for three months. So where's the next crisis?

Netanyahu back, with some choices to make

Charles RichardsonJan 23, 2013

Israel's election results are almost final: the precise number doesn't make much difference to Benjamin Netanyahu's options, but his drop in support might be psychologically important.

How to read Israeli election results

Charles RichardsonJan 23, 20131 Comment

A quick guide to following the Israeli election results.

Progressive? liberal? socialist? Where is Obama coming from?

Charles RichardsonJan 22, 20132 Comments

Obama's second inaugural seems to have reinforced the narrative that he's a believer in big government. Here's why we should be sceptical about that.