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The Italian impasse: an update

Negotiations are under finally way to try to form a new Italian government. It's not going to be easy.

Western Australian election wraps up

The Western Australian election is all decided, and neither Greens nor Liberals got any benefit from the other's preferences. But they probably didn't do them any harm either.

Copyright isn’t just for cyberspace

Publishers are out to stop Indian universities from photocopying their books, proving that you can fight over intellectual "property" without even going near the internet.

News Limited still at it ten years on

News Limited appears to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing in ten years. Then it was Iraq, now it's media regulation.

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The drawn-out death of capital punishment

Forty years ago, capital punishment in America was on the way out. Now it seems to be again, but there's been a long detour in the meantime.

The week’s electoral roundup

Election news from Zimbabwe, Western Australia, Bulgaria, Kenya and Venezuela.

Israel finally gets a government

Benjamin Netanyahu has used the full amount of time available, but he appears to have finally put together a new right-wing coalition.

Self-determination in the South Atlantic

The Falkland Islanders want to stay British; Britain still seems happy to have them. So does anyone else get to have a say in this?

Peace hopes for Kurdistan

There are renewed hopes this morning for peace prospects in one of the world's most significant ethnic conflicts.

Another step forward for Europe’s left

Malta's Labour Party won its expected victory, and Europe's left added another small marker to its comeback trail.