Israel finally gets a government

Charles RichardsonMar 16, 2013 1

Benjamin Netanyahu has used the full amount of time available, but he appears to have finally put together a new right-wing coalition.

Self-determination in the South Atlantic

Charles RichardsonMar 15, 2013 5

The Falkland Islanders want to stay British; Britain still seems happy to have them. So does anyone else get to have a say in this?

Peace hopes for Kurdistan

Charles RichardsonMar 14, 2013 2

There are renewed hopes this morning for peace prospects in one of the world's most significant ethnic conflicts.

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Another step forward for Europe’s left

Charles RichardsonMar 13, 2013 1

Malta's Labour Party won its expected victory, and Europe's left added another small marker to its comeback trail.

A Victorian lesson on fixed terms

Charles RichardsonMar 11, 2013 2

Last week's political crisis in Victoria illustrates a problem about having fixed-term parliaments in a Westminster system.

We have a winner in Kenya

Charles RichardsonMar 10, 2013

Uhuru Kenyatta has won the Kenyan presidential election, but he still faces trial at the International Criminal Court in relation to the violence that followed the last election.

Election preview: Malta

Charles RichardsonMar 9, 2013 2

Malta, with its familiar yet unusual electoral system, looks like swinging to the left.

Kenya is getting interesting

Charles RichardsonMar 8, 2013 2

The count in Kenya's presidential elections has tightened considerably, and a second round now looks likely.

Still difficult in Kenya

Charles RichardsonMar 7, 2013 1

The Kenyan election saga enters its fourth day.

The continuing saga of nuclear Iran

Charles RichardsonMar 7, 2013

The supposed Iranian nuclear crisis never goes away, perhaps because it's in some people's interests for it not to go away.