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A Victorian lesson on fixed terms

Last week's political crisis in Victoria illustrates a problem about having fixed-term parliaments in a Westminster system.

We have a winner in Kenya

Uhuru Kenyatta has won the Kenyan presidential election, but he still faces trial at the International Criminal Court in relation to the violence that followed the last election.

Election preview: Malta

Malta, with its familiar yet unusual electoral system, looks like swinging to the left.

Kenya is getting interesting

The count in Kenya's presidential elections has tightened considerably, and a second round now looks likely.

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Still difficult in Kenya

The Kenyan election saga enters its fourth day.

The continuing saga of nuclear Iran

The supposed Iranian nuclear crisis never goes away, perhaps because it's in some people's interests for it not to go away.

Kenya still waits for results

Kenyan vote counting is even slower than expected, and its election authority has come up with a bizarre interpretation of what a "vote" is.

Kenyan results trickle in

Waiting for Kenyan election results is a slow process. To pass the time, you can try to work out when the second round would be held.

Election preview: Kenya

Kenya votes for a new president today, with hopes that the process will be more peaceful than last time. Raila Odinga is narrowly favored to win the job at his third attempt.

Netanyahu gets an extension

Benjamin Netanyahu has another 14 days to try to put together a new government. For the first time, there seems a real chance that he might not succeed.