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Italy set for minority government

It's looking as if Italy's populists will tolerate a minority centre-left government – for a while at least. But nobody will know for sure until parliament meets.

Lib Dems live to fight another day

Finally, some good news for Britain's Liberal Democrats. Not so good for the Conservatives, who are going to have to face their eurosceptic demons.

Well, hello sequester

Tomorrow, the US government has to start the process of cutting $85 billion in spending. The cuts may eventually be halted by a broad budget agreement, but don't hold your breath.

Italy, the morning after

Deadlock reigns in post-election Italy, but at least it's not quite as bad as some of the media would have you believe.

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It’s 2006 all over again

Italy's election is a real cliffhanger, uncannily like 2006 – but with one crucial difference.

The problem isn’t loyalty, but citizenship

The problem in the Ben Zygier/Prisoner X case, and potentially in many others, is the way the state demands a certain sort of loyalty – "allegiance" – of its citizens.

Cyprus gets a president

Cyprus got the expected result in the second round of its presidential election. Now all eyes are on Italy.

Who lost Gaza?

If you were trying to promote peace, fostering civil war between Fatah and Hamas was a really silly idea. But who said the Bush administration was trying to promote peace?

What Wilders means

The sponsors of Geert Wilders are being reticent about the details of his speaking engagements, but there's little doubt that his views strike a chord with many Australians.

An electoral roundup

Results from Ecuador, Armenia and Grenada, plus an early election looming in Bulgaria.