Who’s afraid of Silvio Berlusconi?

Charles RichardsonFeb 20, 2013 1

Despite the international fascination with Silvio Berlusconi, there is little sign of Italians being willing to award him a fourth term in office.

OK, let’s talk about opinion polls

Charles RichardsonFeb 19, 2013 12

If you're writing a front page story based on a single opinion poll, you're doing it wrong.

No surprises in Ecuador

Charles RichardsonFeb 18, 2013 1

Rafael Correa has been comfortably re-elected as president of Ecuador. That's one less worry for Julian Assange.

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Cyprus goes to a second round

Charles RichardsonFeb 18, 2013

Centre-right candidate Nicos Anastasiades is well ahead of his rivals after the first round of Cyprus's presidential election, and should be a shoo-in to win the runoff next Sunday.

A new angle on Israel’s dilemma

Charles RichardsonFeb 18, 2013 1

A comparison with the fate of the Germans in central Europe after the Second World War offers a new understanding of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Election preview: Ecuador

Charles RichardsonFeb 17, 2013

Ecuador also goes to the polls today, with a comfortable victory expected for leftist president Rafael Correa. Correa's two terms in office have been seen as a success, but there are concerns about creeping authoritarianism.

To catch a senator

Charles RichardsonFeb 16, 2013 2

Nick Xenophon is being deported from Malaysia – an occupational hazard for critics of foreign governments. Australia's response so far has been tepid.

Election preview: Cyprus

Charles RichardsonFeb 15, 2013 2

Cyprus's communist president is retiring, and his successor will face a big task in trying to reunify the divided country.

State of the Union (and state of the media)

Charles RichardsonFeb 14, 2013 1

This year's State of the Union address provides little evidence that Barack Obama is bent on a radical transformation of America. But it does expose a major limitation of the mainstream media.

A step sideways for Aboriginal recognition

Charles RichardsonFeb 13, 2013 2

There'll be feel-good images out of Canberra today as parliament votes on recognition of indigenous people. But the idea that the bill represents a step forward on a constitutional referendum is simply not true.