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Netanyahu bags a centrist

Benjamin Netanyahu needs some centrist cover to form a new right-wing coalition. Now, four weeks after the Israeli election, he seems to have found it.

Who’s afraid of Silvio Berlusconi?

Despite the international fascination with Silvio Berlusconi, there is little sign of Italians being willing to award him a fourth term in office.

OK, let’s talk about opinion polls

If you're writing a front page story based on a single opinion poll, you're doing it wrong.

No surprises in Ecuador

Rafael Correa has been comfortably re-elected as president of Ecuador. That's one less worry for Julian Assange.

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Cyprus goes to a second round

Centre-right candidate Nicos Anastasiades is well ahead of his rivals after the first round of Cyprus's presidential election, and should be a shoo-in to win the runoff next Sunday.

A new angle on Israel’s dilemma

A comparison with the fate of the Germans in central Europe after the Second World War offers a new understanding of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Election preview: Ecuador

Ecuador also goes to the polls today, with a comfortable victory expected for leftist president Rafael Correa. Correa's two terms in office have been seen as a success, but there are concerns about creeping authoritarianism.

To catch a senator

Nick Xenophon is being deported from Malaysia – an occupational hazard for critics of foreign governments. Australia's response so far has been tepid.

Election preview: Cyprus

Cyprus's communist president is retiring, and his successor will face a big task in trying to reunify the divided country.

State of the Union (and state of the media)

This year's State of the Union address provides little evidence that Barack Obama is bent on a radical transformation of America. But it does expose a major limitation of the mainstream media.