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Free speech: just for nice people, or for crazy racists as well?

Charles RichardsonDec 20, 2012

If you're compiling a list of salient political issues for 2012, free speech should probably get a prominent place. The debate that began last year in Australia with the Andrew Bolt cas

Britain misses the point of the EU

Charles RichardsonDec 20, 2012

Don't miss an excellent magazine piece this week by the BBC's Allan Little on the significance of the European Union in eas

Japan’s landslide not quite what it seems

Charles RichardsonDec 20, 2012

One of the ideas behind this blog is that election results can't always be taken at face value: the headlines don't necessarily reflect what actually happened, and even what actually ha

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Welcome to my world

Charles RichardsonDec 20, 20122 Comments

Welcome to my new world politics blog, "The World is Not Enough". (No, I haven't seen the film, so Bond references in comments are quite likely to go over my head.) The basic idea is