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A step sideways for Aboriginal recognition

There'll be feel-good images out of Canberra today as parliament votes on recognition of indigenous people. But the idea that the bill represents a step forward on a constitutional referendum is simply not true.

Making the revolution work in Tunisia

Two years later, Tunisia's revolution has run into problems, but there are hopes that its political class will learn how to make things work.

Why Lincoln matters

Spielberg's Lincoln is a great political drama. It also has a message for the modern Republican Party: one day they will have to choose whether they are the party of Lincoln or the party of the Confederacy.

A hanging in Delhi

Executions in India are so rare that one might almost forget it still had the death penalty, but Mohammed Afzal Guru yesterday became one of its victims.

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Islands in an East Asian storm

What's going on in the East China Sea? Are China and Japan really on the brink of war? And whose side is Malcolm Fraser on?

More about Obama’s liberalism

Barack Obama keeps saying he's not a big-government liberal, but the right doesn't believe him. Now a big-government liberal says the same thing.

Australia falls further behind on same-sex marriage

Australia was well behind Britain on recognition of same-sex couples even before Tuesday's vote. Now the contrast is more embarrassing still.

Mission accomplished in Mali?

French forces are now in control of all the towns of northern Mali. But the Americans had an easy time of it in Iraq at first; the hard part comes later.

Failure in Afghanistan?

Australia's mission in Afghanistan is a failure, as Hugh White says, but that failure derives from a much larger failure of American policy.

Two steps forward, one back, for same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage wins a breakthrough vote in France, but David Cameron is having trouble with his party over the same change in Britain.